5 Things To Know Before Buying The Egg Crate Mattress Topper

Are you looking for the Egg crate mattress toppers online but not sure that which product to buy? In the quest of finding a reliable egg crate mattress, most people feel confused among the key factors. Even, some people don’t know the key difference which separates an egg crate mattress topper from a regular mattress topper.  A regular mattress is flat, whereas an egg crate mattress has a design similar to an egg crate. When it comes to toppers, these are thin but adequately made toppers for an existing mattress. The reason behind using an egg crate mattress topper is comfort, better air passage under your skin, and better sleep quality. These are some of the reasons making an Egg Crate mattress better than the normal ones.  If you are willing to buy the best-in-kind egg crate mattress topper, looking after the top brands only is all about staying in the fallacy of buying the best product. So, it would be a great choice to learn about the key factors to find the right egg crate mattress.

#1. Reputed Brand

A well-known brand is always the best one during the purchase of bedding products. There are many brands available in the market offering egg crate mattress toppers. All those brands can’t be the best ones. So, figuring out the right manufacturer depend upon reputation, reviews, and their quality of products. Here are some of the well-known egg crate mattress topper manufacturer brands – 

  • Best Price Mattress
  • Lucid 
  • Linenspa
  • Milemont
  • Sure2Sleep

We selected these brands due to their comprehensive deals, affordable pricing, and excellent services to the customers. You can also figure out top brands by looking at such essential aspects. 

#2. Build Quality 

The build quality of a mattress topper is necessary to get durable usability. Learning about durability just by checking the claim of the manufacturer is impossible. So, you can look for feedback from other buyers. When you are reading reviews of other egg crate mattresses, you learn about comfort, convenience, and durability-related aspect in one place. Top manufacturers use high-quality materials to come up with the perfect solution to all your needs. The design of the egg crate mattress is similar among all brands but the difference is with the size of foam spikes. If the material is too stiff, then it will hurt. If the material is extra firm, then the spikes won’t make a difference. So, going with medium firmness is always the best choice. 

#3. Material Choice

Memory foam is a common material of choice while manufacturing egg crate mattress toppers. If you are looking after the all-in-one type mattress toppers, then memory foam will suit the need. Most manufacturers are using memory foam infused with polyester to create a durable and long-lasting egg crate mattress topper. Choosing a poor material can decrease the firmness and it will also affect the firmness level. Make sure that there are no harmful chemicals used during the manufacturing process. By considering these aspects, you can grab the best egg crate mattress. One more thing, do not go for a cheap quality egg crate mattress topper as they are made from poor quality harmful foam.

#4. Size, Shape, and Thickness

Once you have figured out the key aspect, knowing about the size and shape of the egg crate mattress topper is the next important aspect. There are many size options available to choose from. By checking the size of your existing mattress, you can make the right purchase. On the other hand, if you are not sure about the size, then preferring standard size or checking the size chart will come in handy. There is also the thickness option that you can take into consideration. Always choose the right thickness that doesn’t add much height to your bed. If the existing has excessive height then it might make you feel discomfort while stepping on your bed. The easy and most possible solution to this issue is, choosing a 2-inches thick egg crate mattress topper. 

#5. Certified and Warranty 

Always buy a certified egg crate mattress topper from well-known manufacturers. The reason behind choosing a certified mattress is to ensure that these toppers are safe to use or not. If a mattress topper comes with a certified rating then it means, the mattress passes the quality control test. The next aspect after certification is to look for long term warranty. Going with at least 3 years of warranty is the best choice. You can learn about the after-sale services of a brand to ensure that you are buying the right product of all kinds.  If the manufacturer is not offering any warranty and charging less amount, then the product might be less reliable to use. In that case, you can skip on such poor deals and go for a high-quality option available online. 

Bonus Tip – Comparing products based on their reviews will make things easier during the purchase time. All the brands are trying to come up with competitive pricing but few cheap ones are selling low-quality products. Choosing certified mattress toppers can make things easier during the purchase time. And comparing products after checking reviews will help you learn about the possible flaws in a product. 

Bottom Line

While comparing all the mentioned aspects, it is always the best choice to go with a well-known brand of egg crate mattress topper. We have mentioned some of the popular egg crate mattress topper manufacturers based on their reputation and quality of products. You can choose any brand of choice and get the best product. One more thing that everyone should consider with egg crate mattresses is the after-sale services factor. If you are buying an expensive topper, then it must have any value to the warranty factor. A product with at least 2 years of warranty is safe to buy and it ensures you a great use. But, if the after-sale services are great, you can avail of the warranty and have an excellent use. 

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