What Is A Mattress Elevator? What Are the Uses and Benefits of a Mattress Elevator? 

Everybody in this world is working day and night only to improve their comfort levels. In this busy world, deep and comfortable sleep is all you need after a tiring day. Moreover, most people suffer from many health problems due to lack of sleep. Sitting in front of the computer for long hours leads to back pain and lack of sleep. This is where best mattress elevators come into the role. Mattress elevators are generally a piece of foam that is used under the mattress for a slight inclination to our upper body. They usually lift the mattress a little to support your body posture and let you sleep properly. Here we will discuss what a mattress elevator is, its uses, and its benefits. 

What Is A Mattress Elevator? 

What Is A Mattress Elevator? 

As stated above, it is a piece of foam used to lift your mattress for improved comfort. It usually has a remote-controlled system for smooth operation. A mattress elevator is used to set your mattress at an angle to let you sleep comfortably. This way, they can help deal with numerous health problems with ease. Mostly, mattress elevators are designed in such a way that they fit into any bed and help lift your mattress to your comfort level. So, if you know the size of your mattress, then you can get the right one for your mattress easily.   

Uses of Mattress Elevators

The most common use of mattress elevators is to provide an elevated mattress to improve your sleep. Moreover, this is also considered as a therapy to treat several health conditions. This component is used to lift your mattress safely to a comfortable position in your bed that helps you sleep better. So, if you are facing issues with your sleep, then you can consider using this component in your bed. The mattress elevators also have benefits, and here are those. 

Benefits of Mattress Elevators

Mattress elevators are very popular for their mattress lifting ability. They provide many health benefits apart from improving your sleep quality. The following are some of the health benefits that the mattress elevators offer. You must know 5 things before buying a mattress elevator 

Relieves Back Pain

Back pain is a common health condition that many people suffer from. This usually happens because of working for long durations on computers. Apart from that, you can suffer from back pain if you sleep in a bad posture. But if you use a mattress elevator under your mattress, then it will help relieve the back pain. Also, it helps prevent neck pain and spinal cord injury while sleeping. By using a mattress elevator, you can feel comfortable to sleep and reduce the overall pain and stiffness of your body. 

Lessens Migraine 

When you lie flat in your bed, your head will get a lot of pressure, which can cause your brain to get jammed. If this happens, then the sugar and the oxygen levels of your brain cells will get reduced. This leads to the opening of blood vessels to clear the brain with new fluid, causing a painful migraine headache. This health condition can be treated by using a mattress elevator. According to research, mattress elevators are effective for migraines for up to 70%. People who are suffering from chronic headaches will find mattress elevators very helpful. 

Relieves Acid Reflux

Do you experience a burning sensation in your chest after eating? This health condition is known as acid reflux, which causes after eating acidic food or junk food or finishing dinner. If you are suffering from this health condition frequently, then it is a serious issue and needs your attention. Moreover, it can lead to gastroesophageal reflux disease. However, by using a mattress elevator, you can prevent this health condition efficiently. Since it lifts your upper body slightly, the chances of reaching the acid from your stomach to the esophagus are reduced. This way, you can prevent acid reflux by using the mattress elevator. 

Eliminates Mouth Breathing

Mouth breathing is a health condition that reduces the oxygen absorption capacity of your lungs. But nasal breathing will increase the oxygen absorption capacity of your lungs by producing nitric oxide.  Usually, mouth breathing occurs if you have this habit from childhood or your nose ways are blocked due to cold or illness. If mouth breathing occurs while sleeping, then it can dry your gums and cause disease to your gum, cavities, and plaque. If you continue to sleep flat in your bed, then the problem can increase.  But if you use a mattress elevator to lift your mattress, then you can eliminate this health condition. By lifting your upper part, you can keep your mouth from opening while sleeping. Also, this will help clear the nasal ways for nasal breathing. 

Eliminates Sleep Apnea

Many people snore loudly while sleeping, and this is a sleep disorder that many people suffer from. If you snore whenever you sleep, then your nasal path is blocked, and you are having problems sleeping. This problem can be detected by your brain, and as a result, you keep waking up frequently while sleeping to prevent the nasal path from getting blocked. Moreover, this is the reason why you snore most of the time while sleeping. If you use a mattress elevator under your mattress, then it can enhance your breathing and prevent blockage of your nasal path. This way, it can stop the snoring issue and allow you to sleep peacefully without making any sound. Since your upper body part is elevated, your nasal passage will be clear to breathe, and you will face no difficulties while sleeping. 


Mattress elevator is an efficient thing to treat many health conditions and get proper sleep. This component elevates your upper part to offer you maximum comfort while sleeping. This also helps to reduce body pain and improve your sleep quality. So, if you are having difficulties while sleeping, then you can consider using a mattress elevator to get better results. We hope the benefits explained in this guide will help you decide whether mattress elevators are worth it or not.  

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