Utopia Mattress Encasement Review – Should You Buy It?

Protective your expensive mattress is probably the least attention-given thing, but it certainly has significant importance. Most people buy expensive bedsheets but end up avoiding the need of using a mattress protector. The market is flooded with amazing mattress encasement options which can provide an excellent solution to most problems. A zippered mattress protector can keep your mattress safe from water damage, reduce dust collection inside the mattress, and offers excellent usability. However, all the mattress protectors aren’t reliable as they claim to be. Choosing the right option is necessary to get the best advantages. Going with a popular option seems like an easy choice. Among all the popular names, Utopia Bedding Premium 135 GSM Waterproof Mattress Encasement is a remarkable mattress protector. It has a range of features that can come in handy to protect your mattress effectively

Features of  Utopia Mattress Encasement 

zippered mattress cover

Utopia is a famous brand in the US, and most people found it effective in mattress and bedding accessories. If you are willing to buy Utopia Bedding Premium 135 GSM Waterproof Mattress Encasement but not sure whether it is a great choice or not, then you can count on us. We tested out this product by using it for more than two weeks. During the usage, we penned down all the good, and bad things along with the credibility of the features claimed. In this Utopia Bedding Premium 135 GSM Waterproof Mattress Encasement review, we are mentioning the pros and cons to help you figure out whether to buy or not. Even though Utopia Bedding Premium 135 GSM Waterproof Mattress Encasement is available for a mid-range price point, there are a bunch of amazing features that you can find in premium mattress protectors. The below-given are the main features that you make this product different from other ones. 

  • Knitted Polyester – Knitted polyester fabric provides a soft and comforting feel while ensuring a breathable feel. Polyester is durable and is made from high-quality PVC TPU backing to offer to prolong durability. All six sides of this mattress protector cover are waterproof, and they can block any kind of liquid to enter into mattress. 
  • Encases Mattress – Depp fitted pockets allow you to use this mattress cover for thickness up to 15 inches. The mattress protector is easy to install on the king-sized mattress, and it will encase the mattress inside and protect it from any kind of damage. 
  • Zip Cover – The Zippered cover will guard your mattress against all the angles and doesn’t allow dust mites, bed bugs, and water to trespass into your mattress. This thing will ensure the true safety of your expensive mattress while keeping the surface breathable. 
  • OEKO TEX Certification – This mattress cover meets the quality and safety standards, which can be ensured by OEKO TEX Certification. The product is environmentally friendly also. 
  • Easy to Clean – Machine washing allows you to get rid of dust, stains, etc with ease. This mattress protector cover supports machine wash and allows you to get the cover cleaned within a couple of minutes. Even, the cover dries off at a faster rate. 

These are all the practical features that you can find with this mattress protector and attain excellent usability. However, during our use, we found many pros and cons of using this mattress protector. 

Pros Of Utopia Mattress Encasement

  • Size Options – The best thing about this mattress protector cover is, it comes in all the standard sizes. If you compare it to the other brands, it is easy to find that they are focused on a limited size option. So, the variety makes things better for buyers also. 
  • Highly Comfortable – The material used in the manufacturing process is polyester, and it is soft in touch. The material is also breathable, so it allows air to pass through the 135 GSM thread count. When air passes through the material, you can have a comforting feel while sleeping. 
  • Quick Install – Installing the mattress cover takes less time, and it is easy also. You can install this cover with the help of a single person. First of all, you have to get the mattress in a straight position and install the mattress cover on one end. Keep stretching the mattress cover and install it and zip lock the whole protector. Isn’t it easy?
  • Water Proof – Even though it seems like the mattress protector is not waterproof. But, if you try it yourself and check with few splashes of water, it is water-resistant. If you keep water drops for too long on the cover, then it might leak a small amount. So, it is effective for water splashes, and it can come in handy. 
  • Affordable – This mattress protector is significantly affordable than all the other options available in the market. You can compare all the popular choices and find that it will be way cheaper in the price point. You are getting intensive features, but the price falls in the mid-range segment, so it is an excellent choice. 

Cons Of Utopia Mattress Encasement

  • Zip Lock is less durable – According to a range of reviews, it is easy to say that the zip lock is not that intact. During our use, we didn’t found such an issue, but it might be an issue after months of use. Pulling the zip too tight might break it, so you should be careful. 
  • Few Negative Reviews – Some buyers got defective products in delivery, and you can find a little number of such reviews. However, we received a fresh package, and we didn’t find any issue with the quality. 

Overall Verdict

Based on the use and learning about Utopia Bedding Premium 135 GSM Waterproof Mattress Encasement reviews online, it is an excellent mattress protector. Our overall opinion is heart-warming regarding the product except for one catch about the delivery factor. If you order this mattress protector and get a defective one, make sure to replace it under the 10 days replacement policy. 

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