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Tuft & Needle, established in 2012, is an Arizona based mattress brand known for its great value for money factor. It is a direct-to-customer mattress and bedding brand, which means they directly supply the ordered product to customers, and they handle the eCommerce sector. In the past five years, this brand becomes credible for good build quality and many other factors.  The design is quite premium, and the durability is not a major concern here. They are providing better value for money deal as their product last longer and provide credible features at an affordable price point. You can find their bedding option, mattress cover, custom size mattress, and many other features to impress toward the purchase. 

5 Best Reason To Buy Tuft & Needle Mattress

They will ship the ordered mattress direct to the door within five days. You will get a mattress in a large box which is totally vacuumed and ready to unbox. If you are looking for Tuft and Needle mattress but not sure whether to buy or not, then you are in the right place. After checking a number of reviews about this brand and its key features, we found some jaw-dropping facts.  Below mentioned are five key reasons which can make you buy Tuft & Needle Mattress. This will also help you know why other brands are not credible as this one when it comes to value for money factor. Let’s have a look – 

Hundred Nights To Try It Out 

Tuft and Needle might be the only manufacturer who is this much sure about the quality of their product.

They are offering you a trial period of a hundred nights to ensure comfort. If you are not satisfied with the product or its quality, then you can return it immediately. This method will come in handy to the first time buyers from this brand. 

The policy claim that if you find any discomfort, hard to adjust, or any sort of problem with the product, you can get your money back. The manufacturer wants to ensure quality sleep and no discomfort with back pain or anything else. This is the major reason that Tuft and Needle are leading in the market from the past couple of years. 

Ten Years of Warranty 

If you have completed a hundred nights of trial and you bought the deal, then you will be happy to have such a great quality product. But, what to do if you find any problem with durability. Well, the manufacturer has another policy to save you. They are providing ten years of warranty from the date of purchase.  This warranty policy is about the durability of the mattress. If the mattress is torn, poor odour, change in shape, or whatnot, the manufacturer, will get such issues fixed under a couple of days. The best thing is, no one has ever used a warranty from Tuft and Needle, which ensures that you won’t have to worry about the durability factor. 

Affordable Pricing

Pricing is always the major concern among buyers, and if you compare the price, most of the brands are charging a higher price for fancy features. Well, all mattresses from Tuft and Needle offer breathable material, dust-resistant material, medium firmness, orthopaedic support, and more.

All these features are available for a lower price point. Comparing any of the deals from this brand to another brand for a similar feature can help you understand why you should be buying mattresses from T&N. There are no fancy features, which might be a drawback, but you are definitely getting necessary features like medium firmness level from the manufacturer. 

Affordable pricing might be misleading somewhere, but if you look in the reviews section, you can feel better about the product. Most of the reviews are heartwarming and is in favour of the brand. Some might say that affordable prices mean poor build quality, but that’s not the deal here. Reviews are already on the positive side, and durability is also quite impressive. 

Free Shipping to Doorstep 

There are very few brands that are offering free shipping policy when the prices are already very low. You can compare the deal with many other brands and find that you are getting quite an affordable deal for such impressive features. You will get free shipping to your doorstep in a large box. There is no installation provided, but you can do it on your own within a few minutes, which will provide ease. Another reason behind Tuft and Needle’s free shipping policy is to increase sales. This leads to better sales and earning low profit from one product. The best thing about the mass sale is, brands can make more money and brand credibility by selling more. 

Greenguard Certified

Apart from all the features, you are getting UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification. It is all about the use of eco-friendly material in the manufacturing of mattress, and there is nothing harmful which can pollute the indoor environment. The foams are CertiPURUS certified. It means you will have a comforting experience and great usability over the other brands.  There is no use of O-Zone Depleters or any kind of harmful metals. The covers of mattresses are also certified by OEKO-TEX. Everything seems in favour of the product, and you can have a great experience. The only problem is, you can find any coils in Tuft and Needle Mattresses, which might make you consider any other product. Still, the firmness and cushioning effect is available there. 

The Final Verdict

After reading this Tuft & Needle Review, you might have a question that which mattress is the best one from this manufacturer particularly. Well, there is a couple of models, and most of them have positive reviews and a great sale. You can consider a buying guide to figure out the best one for your specific need. We hope that reading this in-depth review will help you understand why you should be considering Tuft and Needle Mattress during the purchase. 

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