Top 5 Brands Of Moving Blankets Selling Online

Mover companies spend hours packaging all the stuff adequately to prevent damage while moving. Usually, things like TV, HVAC, and other equipment are easy to pack in the box and ship. But, this method doesn’t work for all the items. Problems start occurring when it comes to dining tables, chairs, and other furniture sets. The possible solution to reduce the chances of damage is to use a protective sheet or layer. But, finding plenty of wrapping paper might be difficult, and it might not get the job done adequately. The alternative is to go with the best moving blankets. The very first role of a moving blanket while moving from one place to another. 

5 Best Brands Of Moving Blankets Selling Online

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However, moving blankets provide versatile usability and play an immersive role in protecting the surface. From shiny desks to vintage furniture, everything that fits into a moving blanket can be moved. There are a plethora of manufacturers for moving blankets, and all of them claim to be the best ones, but it can’t be true.  All the products aren’t made using the same method, so there is a wide picture to look at. The easy solution to eradicate this problem is by choosing a reputed manufacturer. A well-known moving blanket manufacturer will provide the best quality to sustain its reputation in the market. Choosing a good brand also reduces the risk of buying a poor-quality product. Therefore, we are here with a list of the top 5 brands of moving blankets selling online. This list contains the name of some of the best-known manufacturers due to their reputation, offered build quality, features and functionality, after-sale services, and reviews factor. Let’s hop in this journey of the top 5 brands of moving blankets – 

#1. US Cargo Moving Blankets

A brand that dominates offering the best moving blanket in many countries is US Cargo Moving Blankets. This company offers a set of 12 blankets. You can find that the blankets are made of high-quality material, and they have a dimension of 72 x 80 inches. The credit behind solid build quality goes to the material of choice. The woven polyester material is used in the manufacturing process to increase durability while keeping the weight factor low. The manufacturer is offering many other qualities like unique pattern options, different size availability and ease to use design. Overall opinion about this brand is heartwarming, and you can expect a range of benefits for sure. 

#2. Sure Max Moving Blankets 

One of the best options that you can find reliable is Sure Max Moving Blankets. If you want a product that can provide better capacity and the ability to protect furniture from scratches and other kinds of damage, then this brand has the right moving blankets for you. The zigzag stitching is the primary reason that these blankets don’t tear apart while moving heavy weighing objects. Comparatively, the price is affordable and it will provide you with the best overall usability for sure. The key reason behind choosing this brand is a soft and durable moving blanket for an affordable price. The size is also a major factor that can make you opt for Sure Max moving blankets. 

#3. New Heaven Moving Blankets 

Comparing all the brands to each other and noticing the difference will land you to New Haven Moving Blankets for the top-tier build quality factor. This brand is not like other manufacturers as New Haven Moving Blankets focus on creating high-quality moving blankets without compromising with any element. Thus, the price is expensive here. But, you are getting a reliable use. The durability will ensure that you can use the moving blanket several times and you won’t be having any issues. The material is dirt and dust resistant so it can effectively protect your moving object. If you are moving a household in a large truck and you have plenty of stuff to move, then New Haven Moving Blankets will be the best option.

#4. Cheap-Cheap Moving Blankets

In the moving blanket industry, a reputed brand might have any kind of trait to be on the top level, some companies have the build quality, some have features and some are affordable. Cheap Cheap Moving Blankets are the best one for the affordability factor. The protective blanket layer is good enough to prevent scratches. The zigzag stitching ensures that no dust or dust particles get inside the blanket. When it comes to moving on a large scale, choosing an affordable option like this moving blanket will serve the need perfectly. 

#5. Stalwart Moving Blankets

The last brand name in this list is Stalwart moving blankets and this brand is not an ordinary one. When it comes to quality, design, variety, sizes options, and all the key aspects, Stalwart won’t disappoint you at all. You can choose Stalwart moving blankets and have perfect use. You can use these moving blankets to cover your car, heavy objects, household items, electronics, and much more. The double stitching prevents tearing even with excessive weight. The best part is, you can use this moving blanket in a variety of manners to get the best use. The only issue with this moving blanket brand is cost. Spending such a high amount on a moving blanket might seem inadequate, but if you are moving expensive gears or households, then this brand will be the perfect option. 


Choosing a well-made moving blanket is necessary to never end up having a problem while moving. The listed manufacturers are best for their great reliability factor. We curated this list by looking at their reliability factor. The brands with the highest reliability among most buyers and higher sales are listed on top, whereas slightly less popular brands are in descending order. You can make a quick note of necessary factors, know about your needs, and then compare the top brands to figure out the optimal choice for your need. You can also consider the affordability factor to finalize an optimal brand that serves the best overall purpose and doesn’t cause any issue. We hope this list will come in handy while making a decision.

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