Top 5 Best Brands Of Wool Mattress Pads Selling Online

Mattress toppers, also known as mattress pads, are often used as individual layers on the bedding so that you can enjoy extra cushioning and comfort. It also helps in tuning the firmness of the mattress. There are a number of materials that are used these days to make a mattress topper. These materials include memory foam, polyester blends, latex as well as feathers. However, today we want to truly focus on the wool mattress pad that has been in the talks recently. Wool is often used in creating a mattress pad because it is available in different qualities.

 Best Selling Wool Mattress Pad Brands Online

Top 5 Best Brands Of Wool Mattress Pads

Unlike other mattress topper pad, wool material is very soft and does not feel foamy at all. It will surely help keep your body dry and cool because of its capacity to enable a good airflow. Other than that, it will also keep the bed-odour at bay. While these are the few benefits of a wool mattress toppers, one cannot ignore the insulation such toppers of beds offer in the winter. Other than that, the strength and life of wool are relatively high. Even though it is a natural material, it will still last many years without fail or causing trouble. We have five brands to discuss today that are known worldwide to offer the best wool mattress toppers. We have discussed them one by one below – 

#1. Holy Lamb Organics

The best thing about Holy Lamb Organics is that with time they have evolved a lot and yet maintained the true identity of their brand over the years. We are most impressed with their organic approach to creating sustainable and beautiful textile products. They are devoted to an earth-friendly approach as well. This is surely reflected in the devotion they show towards the materials they pick. We happen to like their wool mattress toppers because their toppers are also available in blends. So don’t be that surprised if you stumble upon a wool mattress topper that also has latex in its material. Even though the price of their toppers is high, they easily last several years. Such toppers will help elevate your sleeping experience. Holy Lamb Organics also upcycles the plastic that they use in the supply chain. Isn’t that great?

#2. Sleep and Beyond

Sleep and Beyond are the family-owned manufacturers of natural bedding products that are loved dearly across the globe. Their factories are located in China, India, and Kyrgyzstan, where they are known very well for their fair trade practices. They came in the market in 1992, and since then, they have created magical wool products that one can use on their beds. Their mission is focused on creating a sustainable, inspirational, and educational system from which everyone can benefit. This system will help us work without harming the planet with such unique missions that would not want to check their products out. Our focus remained on their wool mattress toppers, which are 100% hypoallergenic. They are made with exceptional love and workmanship. The choice of wool material varies from merino wool to natural wool in their mattress toppers.

#3. SnugFleece

Next, we have SnugFleece with us. SnugFleece mattress toppers are naturally comfortable to sleep on. All of their products are dedicated to using wool as the primary material. From that, you can realize the intricacy that their topper must be having. It is undoubtedly much better than other woollen mattress toppers that one might come along. SungFleece loves wool as they claim it to be a natural air conditioner. Additionally, wool provides natural insulation without causing any allergies on the skin. Wool will make you snug in winter and keep you dry in the summer. Their mattress toppers are best suited for air and foam-adjustable mattresses. The pile height is generally between 1 ½ to 1 ¾ inch. They all come with a cotton backing and a rich wool density. For their maintenance, SnugFleece recommends vacuuming. Some of their toppers also come with straps for a better hold over the mattress. You must check them all out!

#4. Organic Textiles 

Organic Textiles have an experience of more than 25 years in the textile industry. They are known to make eco-friendly products that inspire a healthy community. Their CEO is a Chemical Engineer who also holds Textiles Specialty as well. He has worked immensely in discarding the traditional manufacturing processes in the industry and go for an eco-friendly approach. Their staff always offers the best support, and you can always lean on them if you have any issues. Their wool mattress toppers are free from dyes, synthetic fibres, bleaches, and other toxins. Due to this reason, their mattress toppers can also be used on your child’s bed with full safety. You will get to choose between many sizes that vary from the Twin size to the Crib size. They are known to generally use the Natural Australian Wool in their mattress toppers that are smooth and soft at the same time.

#5. PlushBeds

The bedding products of PlushBeds are loved by many people, as almost all of that is rated at a cost that does not rob a huge amount of money from you. They offer a lot many products ranging from yarns to furniture covers. But as our focus remains on wool mattress toppers, we will discuss them briefly in this section. The wool they use is 100% natural, which will help you fall into a restful sleep quickly. They are also cruelty-free as well as hypoallergenic. PlushBeds also offers a warranty on their wool mattress toppers, which is generally known to be three years long. With size options from Twin to California King, their wool mattress toppers will impress you a lot. However, the price range is a little high, so you should browse their products only if you have that kind of budget. Nonetheless, PlushBeds is truly amazing. They have been in the talk since 2008 and are known to one of the pioneers in offering all-natural bedding products. 

Bottom Line

The quality of foam toppers is not that high. It is also known to make the heat slip away. This can be a problem when it is the winter season. With wool, you will get to experience the best feeling of insulation in summer. Additionally, you do not have to worry about it being hot in the summer. As you won’t cover yourself with thick blankets in the hot weather, the wool won’t trap any heat. Instead, it will help make you feel dry. A wool mattress topper is something that will last several years without requiring replacement frequently. You can try vacuuming it. Also, if you choose such mattress toppers from the brands that we described, you won’t face any quality issues whatsoever. Go check all five of them out right now!

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