Standard Size Crib Mattress – Guide To Select Perfect Size

When someone in your family is expecting a child, you should start considering the basic nursery requirements. In other words, you have to collect things that are essential for the newborn. All of your doubts, you need to pay special attention to the sleeping space for the newborn. If the sleeping space is not safe or comfortable, your newborn can face a lot of problems in the beginning.

After being parents, you always need to determine the best things you can provide to your upcoming child. When it comes to choosing the best sleeping space for your baby, you would consider a number of crib mattresses available in the market. You might need to turn your attention to the best crib mattress reliable for the newborn baby.

At the present moment, there is a range of mattresses available in the market you can choose for your newborns. Due to the same reason, you can get confused about which mattress is going to be the best. On the other hand, you have an alternative to choosing a crib mattress.  For your upcoming child, crib mattresses can become the best options in terms of bedding. For your little one, the firm mattresses are much better than the soft ones.

What is the Standard Size of a Crib Mattress

You can easily give preference to this particular mattress but you would face some problems to determine the right size of a crib mattress. Of course, you will have to collect some details about the standard size of a crib mattress. According to the experts, the smallest amount of size is 27 1/4” x 51 5/8” with a width, not more than 6 inches. 

Moreover, you need to keep in mind that a full-size crib mattress should be at least 27 1/4 inches wide and 51 1/4 long.  The dimensions of the mattress reduce a lot of problems for the users and that’s why you need to pay attention to it.

However, the mattresses can vary in terms of size. If you are placing a mattress in the middle of the crib there should not be any particular gaps more than a half-inch.

  • Considerations While Choosing The Best Crib Baby Mattress 

After getting details about the size of a crib mattress, you need to pay attention to other important things while selecting them. Such considerations can help you to determine the best crib mattress in a short amount of time. Let’s take a closer look at some important considerations that everyone should have while choosing the best crib mattress:

Consider the safety standards 

In the beginning, you will have to consider the safety standards that a crib mattress should meet at any cost. If the crib mattress is not matching the safety standards you should avoid buying it. 


Firm mattresses are considered to be the best for newborns in comparison to the soft mattresses.  The soft mattresses can create suffocation that is like a hazard for your newborn. There is organic crib mattress also available in the market you can buy it. It is naturally made without using any kind of chemical or hazardous material for the newborn.

Overall use duration

Duration of use is going to become yet another important consideration while buying the crib mattresses. There are some crib mattress is available that you can reverse.

Weight and depth

In the same case, you need to pay attention to the weight and depth of the chosen crib mattresses. For more depth, you can add crib mattress topper on your existing baby crib mattress. According to the basic buying standards, you have to consider the weight and depth of the mattress.


Conclusively, you need to pay a little bit more attention to the cost of a crib mattress. Make sure that you will not purchase so much costly crib mattress as there are reasonable ones available. 

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