Nectar Mattress Reviews – Check Size & Types Before Buying

Nectar was founded so that people could always get the chance to enjoy the most comfortable sleep every night. With Nectar mattresses, your body will feel so relaxed as you wake up that you will stop choosing mattresses from any other brands in your local market. Better and comfortable sleep helps you have a good day as it makes all the difference in your energy levels and mood. Additionally, Nectar has also won an award for the exceptional quality of its products made for good sleep over the years. Although Nectar had a humble beginning, we have seen them dreaming big. The founders of Nectar were not just focused on creating mattresses. They were concentrated on mattresses that would make a difference in their customers’ sleeping style and sleeping cycles. Over the years, Nectar has undoubtedly started the Sleep Revolution. You could also see how Nectar is one of the fasted growing sleep products e-commerce company. It is also known to be the best place to work in New York City.

With provisions such as a forever warranty, Nectar has slowly created a place of its own in the hearts of its numerous customers all across the USA. Besides, Nectar has gained popularity because it also offers a 365 days night trial for their sleep products. You won’t be seeing any brand these days trusting their products as much as Nectar does. Hence, we are here with the details that we have collected on Nectar mattresses. You will find everything regarding the mattresses they offer below –

What is The Nectar Mattress Made Of? 

nectar mattress reviews

As most of you wish to know the contents and design of Nectar mattresses, we have a few factors that you could identify in almost all types of mattresses from Nectar. With Nectar, you will get to experience the most qualitative mattresses ever, so we have a few aspects of wooing you below –

Layers of Comfort: The Nectar mattresses made using memory foam are the ones that have been quite famous over the years. The memory foam that Nectar offers is not like any other brand. It is layered well so that you get to have the best quality sweep as soon as you reach your bed. The softness ratio on the foam is ideal, and as soon as you touch the mattress, you will feel the comfort that your body will get to feel as you start sleeping on it. Even though the softness balance is delicate, Nectar has still managed to get it right always.

Patented Cooling System: When you know how Nectar has patented their cooling system in the mattresses, you can deduce how revolutionary it would be. Nectar mattresses are not just manufactured. They are genuinely engineered so that everyone could have a great time as they buy one of the mattresses for their homes. With firm edges and base, Nectar mattresses still manage to offer you the softness that your body needs from the mattress as you sleep continuously for almost 8 hours each night.  

High-Density Plush Design: When you notice other regular mattresses in the market, you will get to see how they are made of cheap materials that tend to clump. This clumping also happens in the foam of the mattresses, due to which the shape of the mattress becomes unsuitable for your body. However, with the Nectar mattresses, you will see the foam’s density being high so that your body could feel that pressure is relieved. This way, your back will feel less strain as your muscles start getting relaxed each night.  

Cooling Cover: As the weather changes, many people tend to choose gel covers for their mattresses to cope up with the hot days. However, with Nectar mattresses, you will not have to spend extra money on all such covers. This is because Nectar mattresses come with a cooling cover, which is made using only the most premium fibres. These fibres are responsible for driving the heat away from your body so that you could feel that cool-to-touch sensation as your body touches the bed. Hence, with Nectar, you will not have to feel the hotbeds on summer days ever. 

What Are Different Types Of Nectar Mattresses? 

You will get to see the Nectar Mattress in two unique versions. We have tried to describe both these Nectar mattresses types as much as we could so that you can picture them. Everything that we have found out is given below –

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Ever heard of a mattress design in a way that it hugs you? Well, the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress will help you do just that. With the Nectar Memory Foam mattress, your body will feel and experience the softness without any problems. And even after offering the immense softness, this mattress will still help your body feel relaxed and maintain your spine’s shape. It is often seen that when you sleep on soft mattresses, your spine’s structure starts dipping. For the long-term such things are not suitable as it will only make you have adverse backaches as your body ages. Hence, sticking to that belief, Nectar has managed to make a mattress that not only feels soft but also helps you have the right posture of the spine as you sleep on it for long hours. Its top is so airy, and the mattress also has the gel-airy foam, which will never make you feel any lumps or hotness over the mattress at all.

The Nectar Lush Mattress

Another fantastic version of the mattress that Nectar offers is the Nectar Lush Mattress. Not only is the Lush Mattress comes with dual cooling action, but it is also the mattress that has helped redefine deep sleep for many customers. It is 12 inches high as it is made from premium layers that are engineered using only the best materials. Other than that, this mattress by Nectar has five layers of comfort comprising the memory foam. The thing is that the memory foam is coated gel-coated with Phase Change Material (PCM) so that your body temperature is always maintained as you sleep on this mattress. It has got a sturdy base while the poly-blend cover of this mattress is created with polyethene. Additionally, the mattress will fit in Box Spring, Platform, Divan Bases, and many other kinds of bed bases.  

In What Different Sizes Are Nectar Mattress Available? 

These are the different mattress sizes that Nectar will offer:

King Sized Nectar Mattress

One of the most well-purchased sizes of mattresses is the King size. Its dimensions are perfect for two people on the same bed. However, some people also choose the King size as they want to have the maximum space on their bed to move and roll freely on it. This is the size that you will get to have in both types of Nectar mattresses. Other than that, the king-sized mattress dimensions generally go around 203 X 183 cm. we know that is huge, and you will indeed enjoy sleeping on such a mattress.

CAL King Nectar Mattress

The CAL King Nectar mattress is different from the King size Nectar mattress as one of its size is larger than the King version while the other side is known to be comparatively smaller. However, the change is not that much and only goes around a few centimetres. The standard dimensions of a CAL king mattress are known to be near 203 X 193 cm. However, we have seen that there are not many high-end brands that offer the CAL King mattress size, and hence Nectar is here to suit your needs so that you can get this exclusive size as you shop with them.

Queen Sized Mattress

After the King size mattress, Queen size is known to be in massive demand amongst a lot of people. Hence, you undoubtedly get this mattress size as you choose Nectar. It is smaller than the King and CAL King size, and its dimensions usually around 203 X 153 cm. you will find it fitting best if you sleep alone. Many parents choose it for their children’s bed as they grow older. If you choose the Nectar Queen size mattress, you will see it lasting way more than any other mattress.  

Twin and Twin XL Nectar Mattress

The other size name of mattresses that you will often see is the Twin and Twin XL sizes. Till now, you have seen how Nectar has focused well on all the standard sizes when it is about sleeping mattresses. As you can guess quickly from the name, the Twin XL size is unquestionably greater than the Twin size. The dimensions of the Twin XL mattress is near 96 X 203 cm while that of the Twin size is around 96 X 188 cm. you should refer to the size of your bed correctly as choosing the wrong Twin size will make your mattress never fit nicely on your bed even when the size difference is not that high.

Full-Size Nectar Mattress

Many people think that the Full size of mattresses is way smaller than the Twin mattress sizes. However, this assumption is wholly wrong. Instead, you will see that the Full size of mattresses is bigger as their dimensions run around 190.5 X 134.5 cm. Many people choose the Full size of the Nectar mattresses when choosing a mattress for their dorm rooms or their hostel rooms. The Nectar mattress’s full size is bought a lot by people who tend to live and sleep alone. You can know more about the Full-size mattress if you choose it right now! These are the sizes that Nectar has been offering in the mattress they manufacture. With the right blend of comfort and functionality, you will see how their mattresses will work best for you if you know your bed’s size correctly.

Should You Buy The Nectar Mattress?

Nectar mattress reviews

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As you set to buy your new Nectar mattresses, you will think about whether it will be a good purchase or not. Therefore, we have a few things to explain about Nectar mattresses before you choose them. These things and properties about the Nectar mattresses will make you feel more precise about your purchase, and you will be happy with the mattress that you pick out of the two options. Let us discuss these things below –  

Nectar Offers 365 Trial

Yes, Nectar will provide you with a trial on their mattresses for 365 days; if you do not happen to like the mattress in that long period, you can return the mattress quickly. Nectar mentions how their mattresses’ returning process is as easy as sending an email from your computer. A year-long trial period is undoubtedly high. Therefore, we have to say that it is the longest that we have even seen in the industry that focuses on making various sleep products. This way, you must also know how confident Nectar is regarding product quality. 

Forever Warranty on Nectar Mattress

On being in the way of serving all their customers well, Nectar has also turned out to be a name that focuses on giving its customers an extended warranty. Even when you have owned the mattress for, say, ten years, Nectar will still replace it with a new mattress if they happen to find any defects that have arisen on it because of the mattress’s poor performance. If you can prove the mattress’s original purchase, you will get a brand new replacement without any extra fees whatsoever.

Nectar Mattresses are the Best For Backaches

Experts often tend to recommend people sleep on firmer mattresses rather than the ones that make their spines sink for backaches. Therefore, we keep taking the name of Nectar mattresses when it is about that. With Nectar, you will get to focus on sleeping rather than your back and neck problems. Once you start having backaches, you must sleep on mattresses, which will help your body relax rather than making your feel stiffness all over. Hence, the Nectar mattresses keep winning in that front and keep pleasing the customers.

Nectar Mattresses are Suitable for Many Bed Types

We also love how Nectar mattresses could be placed on all kinds of beds. Because of this, you get to choose the mattress by only considering its size. It often happens that for some of the mattresses, the bed becomes too light. Because of this, you will see that in the long term, the bed will start having bends and dents in its design. However, even though Nectar mattresses are 12 inches, they still offer the weight and density of the product being suitable for different types of mattresses.

The Layered Design of Nectar Mattresses

It is crucial to get Nectar mattresses because of the mattresses that they make have got layered design. Additionally, it is vital to make such choices because Nectar mattresses come with cooling systems. If your mattress does not have such properties, you will find it difficult to sleep on them as you sleep on it when it is the hot season. When the weather is hot, your bed will also turn hot, and hence sleeping will be excruciating as the heat will not let you slip into a sound sleep peacefully. Whatever we have brought forward regarding the Nectar mattresses must be enough to understand how you will benefit. Therefore, think thoroughly and decide for yourself. Nectar mattresses will last for decades in your house, and hence investing in them is undoubtedly the right choice.

Nectar Mattress Complaints From Customers 

Some users of the Nectar mattresses often complain that the mattresses are only available in two kinds. Hence, the need for a range expansion in Nectar is needed when it comes to their mattresses. However, looking at how their mattresses are engineered, we can see how they work in the intricate details of the mattresses and not the quantity and types. You also get to have a long trial period as you set to choose Nectar mattresses over the other ones. The next big complaint from some buyers is that both of their mattresses feel stiff to them. A few people have problems adjusting to firm mattresses as they had spent their entire time sleeping on sleeping on the soft mattresses in their life. Therefore, we suggest you give the Nectar mattresses some time. This way, your body will have a chance to adapt to the healthy and right way of sleeping, and after a while, you will not feel the stiffness in the mattress.  


It is safe to say that Nectar mattresses have genuinely created their place in the hearts of many people who found other local mattresses to be quite uncomfortable. Nectar is always focused on creating the best quality mattresses which have the CertiPUR-US certification. Their mattresses suit almost all kinds of beds ranging from platform beds to the Divan beds. Even though you will only get to choose Nectar mattresses from the two types, only you will see that those two types are enough as they come in many different sizes. Nectar is undoubtedly the brand that you should select for the right kind of mattresses.

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