Is Wedge Pillow Relief Back Pain – Complete Guide To Use Wedge Pillow For Back Pain

The wedge pillows are orthopedic pillows, triangular which help a user in sleeping soundly and minimize their symptoms of back pain, congestion, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and a lot more. You can get your hands on the best quality rated wedge pillows which are made from polyurethane foam or soft memory foam. While using a wedge pillow, make sure you are in a slight angle position for elevating your head. You can also make use of them while sitting and can rest your back easily. With the right placement of a wedge pillow, you can relieve all your pains and can get a good night’s sleep.  Sometimes it gets difficult for a person to sleep when they have severe pain in their back. They are unable to find the correct position that can be comfortable for them and don’t compress their painful back or muscle areas. This might lead to sleep deprivation, and lying in an improper and uncomfortable posture can worsen your back pain. 

Buy Wedge Pillow To Get Rid Of Back Pain

wedge pillowWell, according to the experts a wedge pillow is the right solution for such problems. They are medically prescribed pillows for back pain. It can do wonders for your sleep and back. They are orthopedic appliance which can offer pain relief to all those suffering from a back condition, heartburn, acid reflux, GERD, etc. If you are having frequent back pain due to exercise or strenuous work, or even suffering from a poor back condition, then a wedge pillow can help you easily. It offers good support to the neck area and back and helps in maintaining proper posture at night. The wedge pillow comes with a bumpy texture on its surface that helps in securing your pillow cover and leaves a gentle massage effect on the upper and lower back. If you need more support for the back in your knee area, these pillows help in offering support to knees and offer leg elevation for hip pain, back pain, lower back pain, arthritis, and sciatica. 

How Wedge Pillow Can Help With Chronic Back Pain?

If you are suffering stiffness in your joints, muscle aches, and back pain, then you immediately need a wedge pillow. The body aches due to fibromyalgia cause a hindrance in your daily life, which can make you feel irritated, can reduce the productivity of your work, and give rise to conflicts in personal relations. Adjusting the daily routine and how you can ease out the body stress, is an essential thing to find out.  Sleeping while using a wedge pillow can help you maintain your physical comfort throughout day and night and can also minimize the soreness in your body. 

What Is a Sleeping Wedge Pillow?

If you live with your back pain, then there is good news for you. You can lower down the pressure by using a sleeping wedge. You can create the positioning of zero gravity and can hold the spine in a neutral position so that no excessive pressure gets placed on your spinal discs. Then, use a contour sleeping wedge pillow which you can move in different positions. A sleeping wedge pillow can also help you in lifting the lower legs, even when you are lying on the back. It alleviates the stress on your lumbar spine & assists in relieving back pain. 

You can also find a wedge pillow that can relieve the pressure on the lower back and can reduce your lumbar soreness by putting your spine in an aligned position, even when you sleep on your side. The pain radiates from your back to your legs, the wedge pillow can also help in elevating the leg from reducing pain and pressure. If your back pain is stopping you from getting a sound sleep or rest, then don’t stress anymore. Get yourself a wedge pillow that can keep your body loose and comfortable. The wedge pillow will surely help you in getting the quality sleep that you are craving. 

How Wedge Pillow Help Relieving Back Pain?

A wedge pillow can be used in different ways for relieving back pain. Some of them are described below. Sleep in a gentle inclined position which can help in improving your spinal alignment. It also works by improving your respiratory issues and reduces your pain and aches. While sleeping on the side and your back, you can place the thickest side of your wedge pillow under the head, and tuck the thin edge under the shoulders and see the results. 

Set your Pillow Vertically

When you are sitting on a couch or a bed, place your wedge pillow behind you, as it helps in offering good spine and back support. Set your wedge pillow in a vertical position, by pointing the thin edge towards the ceiling and its flat side against the headboard of your bed. 

Place it under the Knees

The back sleepers can place their wedge pillow under the legs by keeping the tall corner of your wedge pillow under the knees. This elevation can improve the poor circulation, achy feet, swollen feet and even minimize the problems of varicose veins. Simply elevate the upper body as it can help in decreasing the pressure on your lumbar spine for reducing back while you sleep. 

Place the Wedge Pillow Under your Belly

For pregnant women, the safest sleeping position is side sleeping. Some women also find that gravity pulls their stomachs down in an uncomfortable way, mainly in the 2nd or 3rd trimester. For a comfortable sleeping position, you can tuck the thin corner of the wedge pillow under your belly, which can help in supporting the stomach and reduces the discomfort completely. 


These wedge pillows are not the standard pillows; they are a bit heavy and wide. It is because they are made from several foam layers. They come with a significant inclination, which helps in elevating the back and upper body. It supports the knees and one can elevate them as well. 

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