Is Foam Crib Mattress Toppers Safe For Babies?

When baby health is the point of concern, every parent shows a keen interest in choosing the best product. From buying baby clothes to bedding accessories, focusing on the best class product is surely the right thing. However, getting confused about the variety of material and design is common and you are not alone. It is a challenging job to figure out whether a product is safe or not. Such issues occur with every product but when it comes to crib mattress toppers, the confusion is inevitable. To end thing confusion and clear some space to think about the use, understanding the need for a mattress topper and its side effect is essential in the journey.  

Yes, Foam Crib Mattress Toppers Safe For Babies

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The popular reason to buy a crib mattress topper is to add an extra layer of comfort for the baby. In case you have an old crib with an old mattress, then the firmness might not be up to the mark and it trades with the comfort level. To eradicate this problem, the use of a crib mattress topper can come in handy.  Here, we are putting the key things about the use of a foam crib mattress topper along with the drawbacks to figure out whether a foam crib mattress is safe or unsafe. Let’s get started by focusing on the reason. 

Advantages Of Foam Crib Mattress Topper 

Several reasons justify the use of a foam crib mattress topper. It is not about the comfort factor only. So, taking a close look at the key points will help you understand the necessity. 

  • Extra Comfort – Crib mattress toppers are comfortable and made of premium material to provide adequate comfort. However, these mattresses are bad with durability. The firmness fades in a couple of months and the mattress becomes useless. So, adding a foam crib mattress topper enhances the comfort level. 
    • Comforting Sleep – Sleeping on a regular crib mattress might be tough due to the use of low-quality material in the manufacturing process. The mattress might be made of green chemicals and safe but the firmness suffers in this journey. By installing a foam crib memory topper, you can ensure a night of better comforting sleep for your baby. 
    • Adds into Thickness – The thickness of a crib mattress is between 4 to 6 inches and it is adequate in most cases. But if the crib walls are high and your baby suffers to grab them, using a foam mattress topper can add up to the thickness and improve the overall usability. 
  • Enhance Breathability – Breathability is a common and the most important metrics with bedding products. So, if the existing crib mattress makes your baby sweat then adding a foam crib mattress will be the best choice. It will increase breathability and it will never make your baby sweat while sleeping. Air can easily pass through the foam and the material is also safe. 
  • Affordable Alternative – As if the existing crib mattress is old and the comfort level is degraded throughout the passing years, it is of no use. However, if you change the crib mattress completely, you might have to pay an extra amount than adding a layer of foam mattress topper. These toppers are available for an affordable price and they can save you from spending extra money. 

Based on this reason, you can understand why a foam crib mattress topper is used throughout the globe. If you are willing to buy a foam crib mattress topper, then knowing about the pros and cons will help you figure out the flaws. We have mentioned the advantages on this point, so it is time to talk about the downside. 

Disadvantages Of Foam Crib Mattress Topper 

Every coin has two sides, if one is positive then there must be a negative side. So, the same goes with a foam crib mattress topper. Even though a crib mattress topper packs a ton of benefits, the small number of cons might make it a less reliable choice for many. After comparing the usability, and consulting to experts, we learned about two disadvantages which are as follow – 

  • Extra Firm – Some manufacturers use extra firm material in the manufacturing of foam crib mattress toppers and it might be a bad choice. Why? Extra firmness makes your baby sink in and get an extra cushy effect. The bad thing is, the material becomes less breathable and it can make your baby sweat. Extra firmness can cause issues with the body shape also. 
  • Use of Harmful chemicals – Being picky with the foam crib mattress topper is essential to choose the best product. If you don’t pay attention and get a cheap crib mattress topper, you might end up buying a product that doesn’t meet the safety standards and regulations. The use of the bad chemical in manufacturing means it will have a bad odour and it can cause issues while breathing. 

Based on the disadvantages, you can say that it might not be the same with every product. Yes, it’s true. However, it is necessary to do complete research before finalizing a foam crib mattress topper and make sure that you don’t fall for the low price point. 

So, What’s the Final Verdict? – Is it safe?

If we talk about memory foam crib mattresses, then the answer falls on the negative side and you should never approach such products. Memory foam is made of toxic chemicals and it can cause issues while breathing. But, if you look for a foam crib mattress, then there is no doubt that it is safe. It provides an extra number of advantages and enhances the overall usability. Learning about the pros and cons can make you understand whether to invest in a foam crib mattress topper or not. However, we do not suggest using any kind of topper because the crib mattresses are made of premium and green material. But, if you don’t want to spend much then going with a foam crib mattress topper will be beneficial in every single manner.   

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