How To Wash Heated Mattress Pad – 8 Simple Steps

Heated mattress pads are undoubtedly the best thing to have in the bed for winters. The feeling of entering the pre-warmed bed with a comfy blanket can’t be matched up with anything. However, like many other things, the heated mattress pads also need maintenance. It is crucial that you wash and clean them with care to enhance their life and hygiene. Washing a heated pad is an important question to talk about among the users. Washing a mattress pad that has wires in it is not a normal thing. So, how can we keep them clean and hygienic after weeks of continuous use? The answer is simple, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. And if your mattress pad’s manufacturer allows, you can easily wash and clean your heated mattress pad.

Step To Step Guide For Washing Electric Heated Mattress Pad

wash heated mattress pads

If you also find it hard to maintain and clean the heated mattress pads and are looking for some help, this article will be an excellent read for you. Here, we have listed the step-to-step guide to wash and clean the heated mattress pads. So, be with us until the end and have good care of your heated mattress pad with ease without degrading the performance of the pad.  

Step 1: Read the owner’s manual of heated mattress pad

The very first step to follow in order to wash or prepare the heated mattress pad to wash is to read the user’s manual carefully. Not all heated mattress pads are meant to be washed. And the best way to know about this is to refer to the manual. There, you can find whether the mattress pad you have can be washed or not. 

Step2: If your manufacturer allows it to wash, you can follow the instructions to wash and clean the mattress pad.

If your heated mattress pad is washable, then we will suggest you to first know about all the precautions that you should take while washing the thick warm mattress pad. The manual has all the information like washing and drying instructions that you can keep in mind while washing it. 

Step 3: If there aren’t any specific washing instructions to follow. You can use the following steps (4-8)

In case there are no specific instructions on the user’s manual instead of whether it is washable or not, here are the detailed instructions that you can follow for almost every heated mattress pad that is washable.  Go through steps 4 to 8 and your mattress pad will clean as new.

Step 4: Unplug the heated mattress pad from the power source

The first step that you should follow to prepare the mattress pad to wash is to unplug It from the power source. If your mattress pad is battery powered, we will suggest you remove the battery before washing. Also, make sure that the mattress pad is cooled down to the normal temperature before you put it in water.

Step 5: Load the mattress pad into the washing machine 

Now, load the mattress pad into the washing machine. Make sure to wash the mattress pad separately and even if you are looking to wash more than one mattress pads, we will suggest them to wash them in different cycles. 

Step 6: Select the “DELICATE” wash cycle

If your manual doesn’t specify a wash cycle for the mattress pad, we will suggest you use the delicate wash cycle with cold water. This is the most reliable and perfect wash cycle for mattress pads and comforters. 

Step 7; Use a mild detergent to clean the mattress pad

Another important thing to consider while washing a heated mattress pad is the choice of detergent. Make sure that you are using a mild detergent to wash the matters pad that doesn’t harm the outer fabric of the mattress pad. Choose the detergent according to the fabric used, and your mattress pad is going to last for long without losing the softness of the fabric.

Step 8: Until not specified as dryer safe, you should dry the heated mattress pad in the dryer

Now, the next step is to dry out the mattress pad. Mostly, the heated mattress pads are not dryer safe. If this is also the case with your mattress pad, we will suggest you dry it in the shaded area where there is heat but not in direct sunlight. This will help your mattress pad to dry slowly without any damage. Also, be sure that the wires do not stay bent for long while drying. This may damage the working of the mattress pad. In case your manufacturer specifies that you can use the mattress pad in the dryer, you should use the dryer with the utmost care and use it for the medium period. 

So, these were the eight steps that you will need to follow in order to achieve a perfectly cleaned and hygienic heated mattress pad. Make sure that the pad is completely dried before you use it again with the power source. Also, you should not wash the mattress if it is damaged. Keep these points in mind and you can easily wash and clean the mattress with ease. Try keeping the heated mattress pad as clean as possible so it doesn’t need washing too frequently. 


Washing the heated mattress can improve their performance and life. And more importantly, you can sleep in a more hygienic environment. The only thing that you should keep in mind is that you follow all the precautions well and wash the heated mattress pads only if they are allowed to be washed. In case there is no information about washing on the user manual, we will suggest you either avoid washing the pads, or refer to the manufacturer website or customer care to know whether you should wash the pad or not. Additionally, you should make sure that you are drying the mattress pad in a shaded area to ensure the fabric’s softness. Try these things in mind and your heated mattress will serve for years without an issue.

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