How to Store a Mattress? – Vacuum Pack Your Mattress For Storing & Moving

There are a lot of things you need to take care of while you are moving from one place to another, one house to another. For example, you need to pack all your things properly, pack them in such a way that they won’t break or they won’t get misplaced, once you move to the new place. It is stressful to plan, pack and also to make sure everything goes fine until things reach the new place. So, as you are planning to move and arranging or packing the things there are some specific tasks you will have to do so that your things would be safer. So, one of the tasks is safeguarding your mattress by packing it properly. Here best mattress vacuum bag will help to make your task easier.

Steps to Use Mattress Vacuum Bag For Storing

Packing of the mattress can also be done when you no longer want to use it or you have bought a new mattress which is having good support and so on. When you are storing a mattress it might get dirty, it might develop bugs due to wet weather and many other issues. 

Requirements Of Vacuum Bag

The point of this article is how will you safeguard your mattress from dirt, air or moisture during moving from one place to another, or if you want to store it as you are no longer using it. This technique of safeguarding your mattress is called vacuum packing. The main task in vacuum packing is covering your mattress with a sheet cover bag and making sure you remove all air from it. So to accomplish this task what are the things or equipment’s you would need, first of all, there is a mattress which has to be packed, second is the cover bag which the mattress goes into and next is the vacuum cleaner machine to help to suck out the air from it. So, you have the mattress and most of the people have a vacuum cleaner at home because it is a necessity these days. The one thing we will have to buy is the vacuum storage bags, which you can buy from any superstore or online. There are a lot of companies that sell the vacuum bag in America and some of the top companies are Viteps, Spacesaver, Vacwel, and Ziploc.

How to Implement Vacuum Bag

So, once you have all of the above, let us start on how can we accomplish this task. We would need a large space so that we can move around the mattress and the equipment easily, we also recommend taking the help of a friend so that you can complete the task quickly. Next, we need to clean the mattress to remove the dust from the above layer of the mattress which you can do by using your vacuum cleaner or else if you want to do it in a more traditional way you can hit the mattress with a hockey or a baseball bat so that the dust is removed and yes that works. Next, you need to slide the mattress into the storage bag and make sure you have the vacuum check valve on the top. Once you move the mattress into the bag, throw in some desiccant packets which will help absorb moisture and absorb odor, using desiccant packets are helpful when you are packing the mattress for more than 24 hrs, because when you are storing the mattress in a storage bag for a longer time, it may develop different kinds of smell, so when you open them the next time it would have a foul smell which is not good overall.

How to Seal Vacuum Bag – The Last Step

Next, we need to lock the bag completely with the plastic seal, there will be instructions on the manual of the storage bag on how to seal the bag, as different storage bags have different types of seal, some have a plastic seal, some have Ziploc, some have no seals when you are using a normal plastic cover you find at home, so when you are using a normal plastic cover you need to seal with staples. Next, you need to make a small opening by removing the seal opening a little bit, so that the vacuum cleaner hose can be pushed in. Hold the vacuum cleaner hose against the mattress and then turn on the vacuum cleaner to suck out the air from the bag, if you feel the bag isn’t shrinking then check the seal again and try to suck the air from the bag. Once you feel the bag has completely compressed, then remove the vacuum hose and then quickly seal off the storage bag. Now, move the hose to the check valve on the bag and ask your friend to walk all around on the surface of the mattress and then turn on the vacuum cleaner again, it will further compress and once you see its no longer shrinking you can remove the hose from the check valve and put the cap on the check valve. Your mattress is completely sealed. Now what you can do next is take a plastic sheet and put the bed on top of that, roll over the plastic sheet and the mattress together and once done use tape and tape all around the mattress. Taping will help to keep the mattress in the same position even if it punctured or damaged.

Bottom Line:

This could be a little bit of work but in the end, your mattress will be safe. This way no mold or bacteria will grow as for mold and bacteria to grow you would need oxygen and once you vacuum pack all the air and oxygen are removed, hence no space for mold and bacteria. We hope this article that we have brought for you is helpful for you so that you will have fewer headaches while moving into a new place or while you are planning to store your bed as you have a new one. Happy Moving!!

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