How to Remove Blood Stains From Mattress – Follow 3 Steps

Today we are going to discuss the ways of getting rid of bloodstains on the mattress. You don’t want your bed to look like a murder incident! Do you? Getting bloodstains in the bedsheet itself is so embarrassing. Then how much trouble could the stain be on the mattress! We know that blood stains are very stubborn and they don’t go away easily. The sole reason behind this is the composition of the blood. It contains a compound called haemoglobin, which has protein and iron content in it. These contents help to blood to adhere to the mattress.  

The stains can be caused due to various reasons. Let us discuss a few of them; crushing of the bed bugs is the primary reason in many homes.  Menstruation, mosquito kills, nose bleeding, and injuries are the other common reasons. While we are in REM sleep, we are not aware of the things going in our surroundings. Waking up the next morning to see your mattress soaked with blood is so unpleasant!

Hacks To Remove Blood Stains From Mattress

You cannot stop this misfortune from occurring. Neither can you replace your mattress so frequently? The only option left is to remove these mulish stains. Bloodstains can cause enduring discolouration and contamination to your mattress. Therefore it is advised to remove it as soon as possible. Let us look at some homemade and easiest ways to remove blood stains from the mattress!  Before jumping on to the cleaning part, you need to make sure that your mattress is ready to be treated. The pre-preparation step works as a prerequisite before the stain removal process.

Remove the Bed sheet & Pillows.

To stop the further spread of bloodstains to bed sheets and pillow covers, you need to pull them out. This step should be done as soon as you spot the stain on your bed. Doing this can save you work and time. Also, this process allows you to access the stained part in the mattress directly. It will make your work less messy. If you want, you can follow the same process to clean the bed covers and pillows too. Otherwise, you can also clean it in the washing machine.

Dab the Stained area with a Damp Cloth

Now when you have full access to the stained portion of the mattress, you can figure out the area that has to be cleaned. The next step is to take a damp cloth which has a good adsorbent quality. This cloth should not be too big or small for the stained area. This will allow you to avoid the spreading of stain. Dab this damp cloth in the stained area with a light hand. Make sure not to rub or apply too much pressure in that area. This can lead the stain to penetrate deep into the mattress that will make it harder to remove. To ensure the early removal of stain, we recommend you to use cold water. Hot water can make the stain more adherent. Repeat this step 2-3 times.

Dab again with a dry Turkish Towel 

Step 2 of the pre-preparation phase will already absorb 20 per cent of stain. Dabbing that area with a dry Turkish towel allows you to soak up the blood and extraneous water. We advise you to use a Turkish towel here because of the extraordinary absorbing power of it. The long fibres present in the towel will completely soak up the liquid. Repeat this step till the surface of the towel becomes free from blood. 

Stain Removal Process

The steps included under this heading cover the main portion to vanish away the stains. We are including a list of all homemade recipes that can be combined to make a great stain removing formula. This step helps to clean the rest 70 per cent of the stain. Let’s get started!

Prepare a Homemade Cleaning Solution

These cleaning solutions can be prepared by mixing a certain amount of products in a defined ratio. You can use a bowl to assure that the solute and solvents are taken in the right amount. After that, you can transfer the solution to a spray bottle for ease of use. You can also use a brush to apply it directly on the stain if the solution is semi-solid. The following are the list of homemade recipe:

Liquid Detergent, Baking Soda, and Hydrogen Peroxide

It presents as a liquid solution. Transfer it in a spray bottle and sprinkle it on the stained area. Let it stay for a while.

Liquid Detergent, Hydrogen Peroxide and Salt

It works very effectively. It can remove the tint causing agent. Hydrogen peroxide is present in salt form, which changes to the active form after mixing with water. This can break large stain molecules into smaller particles and removes them this way.

 Salt, hydrogen peroxide and corn starch

It is a thick semi-solid paste. Apply it on the stained portion of the mattress and leave it for a half-hour.

Water and meat tenderizer

Meat tenderizer contains several enzymes that help to break down the globin chain of the blood molecule. This solution works at a molecular level.

 Ammonia and water

This has to be taken in a ratio of 1:4. Ammonia is a powerful stain removing agent. This works best for bloodstains. Always use hot water with ammonia.

Baking soda and water

This is one of the easiest ways to remove the stain. As baking soda is present in every household, we cannot afford to miss this point.

Apply the solution on the stained area

You can choose any of the solutions listed above. Apply that solution to the stained area on the mattress. Let the solution stay in the mattress for 15- 30 minutes. This will help the solution to penetrate the mattress and clean it from the core.

Scrub the stained area

After applying the solution to the desired area, scrub it with the help of a towel or a scrubber. Don’t use harsh and rough objects. This can cause tearing of the mattress. Be gentle while scrubbing. Look for the colour change in the mattress. 

Let it dry

After completing the scrubbing process, let the solution stay for some more time in the mattress. This will remove the left out stains along with other impurities present in the mattress.

After Treatment Hacks For Keeping Mattress Free From Blood Stain

Try to use a Waterproof Mattress

There is a wide range of varieties of waterproof mattress in the market. These mattresses are made of polyester and cotton. They are entirely safe for use. They protect you from unwanted bloodstains. 

Line your mattress with an absorbent sheet

Adsorbent sheets are a piece of cloth that is used to lie over the mattress and under the bedsheet. These sheets create a barrier between the mattress and stain. In this way, the adsorbent sheet does not let the bloodstains penetrate the mattress.

Regular vacuum cleaning

A regular vacuum cleaner will keep the mattress free from grease and dirt. The presence of these substances on the surface of the mattress allows the blood to get absorbed more easily in the mattress. Other than this, if you have a steam vacuum cleaner then it is the best option to remove blood stains. They tend to pull out the stain and moisture from the mattress. It is quite costly as compared to other processes.

Always put a Mattress Cover

Never sleep without a mattress cover. Doctors across the globe recommend this. It is an unhealthy habit. It can harm your skin and make you prone to dermatological diseases. It also increases the chance of your mattress to acquire bloodstains.

3 Secret & Easy Hack To Remove Blood Stains From Mattress

Mix hydrogen peroxide and water. Apply this solution with a brush in the blood-stained area of the mattress. Until the hydrogen peroxide solution reacts, you need to scrub that area with a scrubber or a cloth. This does not need to be done for a half-hour. Scrub it for a few minutes( 3-5 minute) We can only see the top of the mattress. By looking at it we cannot assume the extent of the spread of bloodstain. Then how do we know that the applied solution is enough or not? To avoid the false perception of the bloodstain, scrubbing is an important step. Until you scrub the mattress. Turn on your iron device and let it heat. After it gets hot, iron it in the blood-stained area where you have applied the solution. Repeat this 1-2 times. You will see the stain gradually disappearing with each step. This step is easy and convenient. It also saves a lot of time.

Oxy Clean Stain Remover

This is one of the best selling stain removers in the USA. It can do wonder to your mattress. It is efficient to remove the most stubborn stains too. It can easily remove blood stains from the mattress.

Stain Removing Power

Oxy clean stain remover> ammonia & water > hydrogen peroxide-based removers> baking soda & water = water and meat tenderizer We hope this article was helpful to you. Go ahead and start making your homemade solutions. Happy DIY session!

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