How To Move A Mattress In A Car – Here is 5 Way to Move

Are you shifting from one place to another? Do you want to take care of the moving process by yourself? Then there are a lot of things that you need to handle with a lot of care. You can get the packing material quickly from a store for all the small items in the house. But one of the most challenging things, when you are moving by yourself, is moving your mattress. Many people think that it is not a big deal if you have a car. But that is not true. When you are not doing it right, you may either end up with a ripped mattress or a damaged car, or both. So, you need to plan it right if you are planning to do it by yourself. 

Size Of Your Vehicle And Mattress

If you rent a pickup truck or have a mattress vacuum bag, then you can quickly move a mattress of any size. It is not going to be a problem at all. It is tough for you to fit the mattress in your car trunk. If you have a van for which you can remove the seats, you can quickly move the seat and fit in a single mattress, not a large one. If you have an SUV, then you place the mattress on the roof of the car and move it quickly without any worries. So, if you are moving it, then here is how to move a mattress in a car. The first thing to check is the size of the vehicle. Like we already discussed, it is useful if you can rent borrow a truck from friends, family, or a renting company. Never try to fix a big mattress inside a small car as that can create a problem. It is going to be a disaster for you and your mattress as well. For a mid-sized or large mattress, you can complete the task with an SUV car if you have one. For small mattresses, you can go with a sedan class car. 

Packing Material

You will need a few items to make sure that you are packing and moving the mattress safely. You will need rope, gloves, duct tape, scissors, and mattress bags, or thick plastic. If you are going with a mattress bag, then it should fit the size of the mattress. You will need an extra pair of hands that can help you with packing and moving the mattress along with all this. You should wrap the plastic around the mattress or use the mattress moving bag for packing it. Now, tape it down with the help of duct tape. There are chances that the plastic gets ripped due to the wind, and hence you need to secure it well. Now place the mattress very carefully on the top of the car or truck, whatever option you choose. With the help of a sturdy rope, you will have to tie the mattress to the car or the truck. You will have to secure it tightly so that there will not be any problem when moving the mattress. If it falls when you are moving the car, there is a danger for you and other people traveling on the same road. It would be best if you were very careful. 

Test Drive It

Before you get started with the actual trip of moving the mattress from your old place to the new location, you can take a test drive. Yes, try to move the car, van, or the truck a few kilometres and check if the mattress is stable on the top of the vehicle or not. You will be able to sense it if the mattress is moving and is not stable. In such a case, you need to ensure that you are doing it again, and this time, secure it well. 

Say No To The Highway

When you are moving a mattress, it is always good to stay away from the highway. There will be a lot of traffic on the highway, and that can be a problem for many people if something unexpected happens. Also, try to take a route where there is less traffic. This will be very helpful for you and others who are along with you. Even when you can move safely, and the mattress is secured well, it is always good to drive slow and carefully. Sometimes it may block your way or others who are following you from behind. SO, when you are driving safely, you will remain safe and make sure that others are also safe. 

Keep An Eye On The Mattress

When you are moving, there will be wind, and whether it is heavy or slow, you need to keep an eye on the mattress. You will know if the mattress falls, but it is useful if you keep stopping the vehicle after a few kilometres and keep checking it. You may know in advance if the rope is getting loose or if it may fall. This way, you will be able to avoid any accidents that can happen due to your negligence. 

Having a few friends or family members along with you when you are moving the mattress can be very helpful. If possible, they can hold the mattress from the open windows. At least, they will be able to keep an eye on the mattress so that they will alert you in case something is going wrong. 

It is not a difficult job, but it can cause a problem for you, your car, or others when you are not doing it in the right way. So, it would be best if you were very careful. If you think it is going to be a risk to move a mattress by yourself, you can always look for a moving company that can help you move the mattress with just a few extra bucks. It is the safest and simple way to move the mattress. They take the responsibility of transferring safely and any damages will be taken care of by them

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