How to Fold a Fitted Sheet – Check Out 8 Simple Steps

Have you ever came across the phrase ”every good has a bad with it”? You might have! But, have you ever experienced this phrase? Now, we doubt this! A fitted sheet could be marvellous for people who are habitual to move throughout the night. However, when it comes to taking care of it, it can be a bit tricky. Folding fitted sheet whether it may be king size queen size or twin xl fitted sheet is quite challenging for all the newbies. Not folding it accurately can lead to loosening of elastic and worsening of its functionality. Discovering to fold a fitted bedsheet can be challenging at the beginning; however, if you practice it, again and again, we bet that you will be a pro one day! 

8 Easy Ways to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Your bedroom is a place that reflects your personality and aura. Imagine guests coming to your home, and you showing them a messy room? It feels and looks unpleasant to the viewer & embarrasses you as well. Therefore, ideally, you should always fold the fitted sheet after every wash. Storing also becomes more manageable as it decreases the storage space. Therefore, you will have ample of space for storing other items such as- pillow covers, and other sheets. Folding should not utilize a lot of your time! It should be convenient and hassle-free. In this way, it will save you time for completing other household chores/ office work. To make your life easier, let us look at the steps of folding a fitted sheet correctly:

#1. Holding the Fitted Sheet Accurately

Holding the sheet accurately is the first step that will lead to a perfect fold. If you commit a mistake while doing this step, the rest of the steps will go vain. Therefore, make sure to follow these points carefully. Imagine a sheet as a rectangle; now, hold the two lengthier ends of the sheet firmly. Make sure that the elastic is facing towards you.

#2. Folding It Sidewise

Once you hold the bedsheet lengthwise, you might experience instability due to shorter hands. To remove this problem, press the centre of the sheet with your chin to provide support. Now hold the two corners, and fold them over each other. Do not forget to remove fitted sheet clips before folding sidewise.

#3. Taking Care Of the Length Too

When you fold the two corners over each other, they should be symmetrical. Now, you will see that previously the edge with longer length has shortened. So the vertical adjacent edges of the corners that you are holding are longer now. To ensure perfect folding, pick up the lower corner, and tuck it inside the one you are holding. Now, do the same with the other lower corner.

#4. Lay the Fitted Sheet On a Flat Surface

The next step is to straighten the two edges that are sidewise. Now, find a flat surface like a table, and lay down the sheet on it. Fold the elastic ends inside evenly. It will give you smooth and wrinkle-free ends. If you still find it messy, you can spread the sheet on the table again and repeat the procedure. Make sure that the elastic ends face upwards while lying on the table. 

#5. Roll in the Sides to Make It Rectangular

Once you have done rolling in the sides, check if it requires more folding. Be very careful while rolling in the sides. Avoid doing this step in a hurry; it will end up making your sheet even messier. After careful rolling in of the sides and corners, proceed to the next step.

#6. Stroke Your Hand Gently Over It

We recommend you place the sheet on a flat surface because of this step.   A wrinkly bedsheet will take away all the looks of a nice folded one. Therefore, make sure that the elastic edges are folded properly & the sheet has converted to a rectangular shape. Now, gently stroke your palms over the surface of the sheet to vanish away all the wrinkles. Wrinkling of the sheet also occurs during folding in of the elastic edges. Therefore, make sure to eliminate the wrinkles completely.

#7. Fold It More If Required

Once you are done sorting the wrinkles, again fold the sheet symmetrically. It will help to decrease the area utilization for storage or storage space. It also assigns an ideal look at the folded bedsheet.

#8. Lift and Handle It With Care

This step is also one of the most crucial steps. If you are lifting the folded fitted sheet in a hurry; all your hard work will go in the trash. Therefore, always make sure to lift the sheet from the base. Support the folded fitted sheet from the bottom until you reach your desired storage location. Now, gently put the folded fitted sheet in a safe corner. Doing things without any blunder in an accurate manner will save your time & also decreases the headache. We hope you read all the points carefully & retain them in your mind. Make sure to apply these techniques whenever you fold a fitted sheet the next time. We hope this article was helpful to you guys! Thank you!

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