Hazli Store Roll Up Mattress Review With Features Pros & Cons

The roll-up mattress is the best option for all those people that want minimalism in their life. Such people can choose to use roll-up mattresses for optimizing their living standards and to have the most comfortable sleep. If you are in search of a guest bed or a camping mattress, then Hazli brand mattress is the best roll up mattress is all you need. It is designed for the best support and comfort. Being a portable mattress, it is ideal for outdoor and indoor use. You can carry this mattress with you while camping, traveling or can sleep well on it in the camper van. 

Features Of Hazli Store Roll Up Mattress Review 

Hazli Store Roll Up Mattress

There are various benefits of sleeping on a roll-up mattress as compared to the normal one. For instance, you can get quick relief from sciatica by sleeping on it. It helps in resting the backbone properly, which assists in keeping the bones straight and offers great support. You can unfold this mattress in a van, tent, in your home, or anywhere else. You can fold it and can store it in the safest place. It’s best for unexpected guests and visitors if they come to stay in your house for a night or week.  This Hazli Store roll-up mattress is made up of memory foam that offers great comfort, especially if you are having an orthopedic or arthritis issue. It is also ventilated enough which keeps the user cool and comfortable for sleep. Moreover, you don’t require any support of box spring with this roll-up mattress


The Hazli Store roll-up mattress is anti-slip and waterproof, which means one can use it even on tiles or on hardwood floors with minimal movement throughout day or night. Its base is coated with grip points and a waterproof layer which keeps the user dry even when used on the wet camping ground. 

Superlight and Portable

This roll-up mattress is super light in weight, which makes it ideal for backpacking. It can be folded easily, which makes it durable enough too. One can store it in the bag or cupboard without any hassle

 Multi-Functional Mattress

Being a roll-up mattress, it can be used for various purposes. For instance, if you are going camping, then you can carry it along and can unfold it to lay it on rocks or even in a wet area. Its memory foam inside won’t let you feel what’s below it, except for the best comfort and ideal support. 

Advantages Of Hazli Store Roll Up Mattress

Hassle-free to set up: The roll-up mattress by Hazli Store can be easily set up. One can do it themselves and even kids can enjoy making the bed. These mattresses can fit anywhere, in your car, cupboard, bag and they can also be packed in small sizes for hassle-free use. 

Different sizes available: These mattresses are available in various sizes, which include queen size; king-size and even standard size is also in trend. One can choose the best from available options as per their needs. The amazing benefit of these mattresses is that the whole mattress can be folded in a small size which results in easy storage, when not in use. 

Durable: They are durable enough as they can be washed in the machine, or manually. No matter, how many times you use it or make it dirty; it will remain soft and comfortable for the best use whenever you will open it to lie on. 

Multifunctional mattress: These roll-up mattresses can fulfill the immediate need for extra beds whenever required. If suddenly any guest arrives at your house or you plan a jamming session with your friends, then all you need to do is, unfold your roll-up mattress and expand your seating area to have more fun and laughter. These mattresses are best for houses that have limited space. 

Holds body evenly: The mattress helps every user to lie on it comfortably. It’s firm and holds the body evenly, no matter whether a child is sleeping on it or an old age person. 

Great sleep: Everyone wants to have the most comfortable sleep at night. These roll-up mattresses promise sound sleep to every user. They are made of memory foam which is soft and has great durability and flexibility. This can make your sleeping experience the most relaxing one. A night of comfortable and relaxing sleep is guaranteed by this roll-up mattress by the Hazli store.  

Easy to lie on: This mattress comes with a soft texture which makes it affable enough for lying down. Even if you are sleeping on a camping floor, or in your house without your bed, you will not at all get to know the difference. That’s the quality trait of these roll-up mattresses. 

Easy to move: Apart from easily moving the mattress back to its place after use, this mattress is also easy to transport. This means, anyone can maneuver this type of mattress anywhere in their house, can take it easily upstairs or in your choice of bedroom, without putting in much effort. 

Affordable: If you will keep the features and merits of roll-up mattresses in mind, then it will never make you feel it’s expensive. It is the best value of money. For extra-bedding in-house, you can go for these mattresses which offer high-end benefits as the regular ones. 

Disadvantages Of Hazli Store Roll Up Mattress

Not ideal for few people: If you are struggling with muscle and joint pain, then roll-up mattresses are not your cup of tea. It is because the medical practitioners don’t suggest it for such people, and asks them to avoid using it. This is the reason old age homes and hospitals don’t prefer using them in their place. 

 Not ideal for people with sleeping issues: If you are the one who has sleeping issues, and don’t get proper sleep even if you change your bedding position, then you might not be comfortable using this roll-up mattress. 

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