What Are Different Types Of Wedge Pillows?

The wedge pillows are the triangle-shaped best pillows that assist in raising the top half of the body, while you fall asleep. The main objective of using this pillow is, it helps in resting easily and can ease out some great health issues. One can find the best wedge pillow in various sizes, made up of different materials.  Most people just want a good sleep at night. As per the medical experts, an adult must sleep for a maximum of 8 hours. Some people also don’t get sound sleep because they are not sleeping on the best mattress or pillow. 

Below Are Types Of Wedge Pillow Available Online

One can find different bed pillows in the market; the best one is a wedge pillow which can promise you a sound sleep. These pillows are designed in a way that raises the upper half of the user’s body at some angle for alleviating the strain on the back or neck, and to relieve various ailments. One can find variety in these wedge pillows too each one of them is designed for catering to different concerns. The designing of a wedge pillow is important for a good quality of sleep. Different materials are used for filling pillows; each one of them has its merits. The most popular and common pillow materials are explained below and to make you understand how they are used to design a wedge pillow. Let’s have a look at the different types of wedge pillow

Feather Wedge Pillow

Feather and down are two different materials. You can find down is a fluffy insulator that geese and ducks have under their feathers. Both feathers and down are used in a wedge pillow and they are so famous because they are light in weight, can be washed in the machine, and keeps one cool during warm conditions. However, these two materials are not used commonly as they don’t have that much firmness for supporting the weight. With a feather and down pillow, you can get sink into it and can feel highly comfortable but will not receive enough support. 

Polyester Wedge Pillow

Polyester is also known as fiberfill. It is in the market since the 1950s and is an economical and popular choice for a wedge pillow. Polyester is a man-made material that can be washed in a machine and one can dry it without any damage. It is also light in weight and is completely odor-free. The only thing is the polyester tends to retain heat during warm weather. Additionally, after some years, these polyester pillows might turn lumping.

Memory Foam Wedge Pillow

Memory foam is one of the best material types for wedge pillows. NASA developed it originally and presently it is one of the widely used and popular materials for various pillow types. Memory foam comes with high density & viscosity which reacts to the user’s body heat and mold itself in a shape while offering good support. You can get an odor of new memory foam when you unwrap it first. This odor is a non-toxic gas that gets away in 72 hours. Generally, they are a bit heavy and might retain heat. The best way to tackle this heat is, wedge pillows are added with a cooling layer like cooling gel foam, or a bamboo sheet which works well. 

Latex Wedge Pillow

One can find two types of latex, natural latex which is derived from tree sap and you can find synthetic latex, which is a chemical product made by a man. One can find various pillows which are a mix of latex type. These latex pillows offer good firmness and support to the body. They are also dust resistant and allergen-free.  The latex pillows are a bit expensive, yet they are durable. They can ventilate better air as compared to memory foam. One can clean them easily which helps in cutting down the allergens like dust mites. You can find wedge pillows that are combined with memory foam and latex for added comfort and support. 

Why a Wedge Pillow is Used?

A wedge pillow is used for a variety of reasons; some people might use it for resolving their sleeping issues and some to fight their health issues. Some of the major reasons are mentioned below:

  • Wedge pillow helps with acid reflux
  • It helps in resolving sinus issues
  • Assists with sleep apnea and snoring
  • Can offer relief to your back and neck pain
  • Can be used in pregnancy

Let’s understand a few of the reasons in brief

How a Wedge Pillow Can Help With Acid Reflux?

If you are having an issue of GERD, reflux where the stomach acid gets back into the esophagus- a tube that connects your stomach & mouth. This issue gets worse at night. It is because the acid flows up, and can make you cough badly. If you will start using a wedge pillow, then this will make use of a grave for helping the acid to drain into your stomach, instead of being in the throat. If you will sleep with the head up at a certain angle then this can help in resolving reflux symptoms. 

How It Can Help In Resolving Sinus Issues?

Keeping the shoulders and head at a certain angle can help in draining the sinuses. A slanted wedge pillow eases out the sinus pressure and assists in sleeping better when you are having the flu or cold. 

How It Can Assist With Sleep Apnea And Snoring

When anyone falls asleep, their tongue and tissues in the mouth relax so that it can block the throat and can also narrow down the airway. This gives rise to snores and serious sleep apnea. This is when your breathing also gets stopped for short periods in the night. A wedge pillow helps in stopping the snores and assists with sleep apnea too. 


Use a quality-rated wedge pillow to resolve all your issues, and before you purchase a wedge pillow, don’t forget to check its material type and make an ideal choice. 

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