Better Habitat Roll Up Mattress Reviews By Experts

Spending the weekend in the countryside under the beautiful sky is a dream of many. No doubt that after the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is looking after the nearest picnic destination to have a great time with family. A picnic is one of the best ideas but if you want to plan something long, then getting everything packed in your car is necessary. You can carry a camping bag, solar chargers, and other necessary things, but getting a mattress is impossible. Some people use air mattresses, but they don’t seem like the best alternative to what problem you are facing. The key reason is, air mattresses are easy to puncture, and repairing them can take time. So, using a roll-up mattress seems like an excellent option. Better Habitat CertiPUR-US SleepReady Memory Foam Roll Up Mattress is a widely preferred option, and it has a range of features to make you go for it. However, is it worthy of such a high amount?  

Features of Better Habitat Roll Up Mattress

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To figure it out, we tested the mattress ourselves and found several things about this product.  Based on our experience, this is a Better Habitat CertiPUR-US SleepReady Memory Foam Floor & Camping Mattress review to help you understand whether to buy it or not? A Roll Up Mattress is advantageous to a regular mattress due to its versatile usability and the same you can expect from this mattress. However, the manufacturer is offering many other benefits which are worth learning about. Let’s have a look at the key features – 

  • Instantly Ready for Sleep – This roll-up mattress is easy to roll into a compact unit and then turn into a fully comfortable mattress. You can unclip the belt and roll it out to use the mattress.
  • Made of Green Chemicals – There are no harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process to ensure safe use. Toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, formaldehyde, fire retardants, phthalates, & ozone depletes aren’t used in manufacturing. 
  • Certi-PUR-US Certified – Due to the use of green chemicals in the manufacturing process, this product passes the Certi-PUR-US safety and environment standard test. So, it is a safety-certified roll-up mattress.
  • Lightweight Design – The use of memory foam in manufacturing increase the weight but, this product weighs less than other mattresses. Due to the lightweight and compact design, you can travel to a far destination and carry this mattress in your vehicle with ease. 
  • Genuine Firmness –  Firmness help in enhancing the quality of sleep and this mattress is calibrated to a medium firmness so it becomes an all-in-one type of mattress. You can use it for a long comforting sleep whereas it will act as orthopedic support to your back also. 

These are the key features that you can expect from this roll-up mattress. However, during the use time, we found many more things beyond the claim. Based on our use and experience of few weeks, we made a list of things we did like and things we didn’t like at all. Let’s explore the pros and cons to ensure whether to buy this product or avoid it. 

Pros Of Better Habitat Roll Up Mattress

  • Easy to use – It is an easy-to-use mattress and you can find two great benefits during the use. Unclipping the mattress is easy and it allows you to enjoy all the advantages of a regular mattress. 
  • No Bad Odor – Due to the use of green and safe chemicals, this mattress doesn’t have any bad odor at all. You can use this mattress all night and there will be no bad sign of odor due to your sweat. 
  • Breathable Material – This mattress has a safe and breathable material that allows air passage. Better Habitat Memory Foam Floor & Camping Mattress doesn’t let you sweat during a long sleep and keep your body cool. 
  • Extremely Versatile – Due to the compact design, it is a versatile unit. You can store it when not in use and if you want to carry it to a far destination, it is possible. In simple words, you can use this roll-up mattress in the bedroom, at the picnic site, and such other places with ease. 
  • Optimal for a long sleep – If you want to use this mattress inside a room to replace a regular mattress then it is possible. This roll-up mattress provides similar advantages and it is optimal for long sleep due to breathable material, genuine firmness, and adequate thickness. 
  • Variety in Size – You can choose between all the standard sizes during the purchase of this roll-up mattress. It is unlikely with all the other popular roll-up mattress options as they are only available in limited sizes. So, in terms of size, this product gets has a significant advantage. 
  • Easy to carry and store – Due to the lightweight design, you can carry this roll-up mattress and expect excellent portability. You can use the clip to roll it up and turn it into a small unit. Storing this roll-up mattress will be easy as compared to the other options. 
  • Covers Support machine wash – This mattress comes with a pre-installed cover so that this product offers better durability. With that said, you can remove the cover and opt for machine wash for an effective cleaning purpose. 

Cons Of Better Habitat Roll Up Mattress

  • Hard to Roll and Clip – The only problem we found during the long use was, this mattress is slightly tough to roll down and clip. You need an extra person to clip the belt and turn this roll-up mattress into a small unit otherwise everything seems positive about it. 

Overall Opinion – Buy or Not? 

Based on our experience with Better Habitat Memory Foam Floor & Camping Mattress, It is easy to recommend a roll-up mattress. The only problem with rolling it down might be frustrating in the beginning but all the important aspects are on-point and provide excellent usability. Even, you are getting an extra cover to carry this mattress to travel with ease. Now if you are assured and you want to buy Better Habitat CertiPUR-US Sleep Ready Memory Foam Floor & Camping Mattress buy now – Better Habitat Roll Up Mattress

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