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A pool mattress is a type of mattress that you can use in the pool. It remains floating while you peacefully lay on it. All of this is possible because of the well-designed holes in its design. Whether you are at a private or a public pool, you can fill them with air and enjoy a chill and quality time. But you also have to know that when you are looking for these products, it is not always possible to end up with the right choice. Many times you will also not be able to find such mattresses in the local stores around you. But do not get disheartened because we are here at your service. This time, especially for you guys, we have brought five amazing pool mattresses for you.

You must go through all of these unique products to make up your mind. Let us remind you that all of them are high in quality. Hence, no matter what you choose, you will never be disappointed with the pool mattress’s durability and life span. A pool mattress will help you have the best lounge time; hence you must own at least one of them to enjoy your ventures. There are five fantastic pool mattresses listed below. We have also tried to discuss their cons and pros separately. Other than reading the description, you must also keep an eye on these pros and cons. Let us begin now –  

#1. AirHead Pool Mattress

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A pool mattress is a must to enjoy the perfect sun tanning process, and hence we have brought this mattress for you. This cool suede pool mattress by Airhead is one of the most loved and well-rated pool mattresses on the internet. It has an aqua blue design and is exceptionally comfortable. However, you can also get in other colours, namely lime, and raspberry. All three colours are bright so that your mattress looks unique when you are at the pool. One of the things that we like a lot about this mattress is that it always remains cool. Hence if you are at the pool and the sun is out, you do not have to worry about the mattress getting hot. This is also the reason why many people buy the Airhead pool mattress with closed eyes. This is how much they trust their performance. And did you know? There is also a pillow in the design of this product. What more can one ask for? 

If you do not like the pillow, you can remove it and lay on the mattress as per your comfort and liking. Even if you have oils or lotions on your body, the mattress won’t feel sticky. The holes in the mattress are evenly spaced so that when water enters through them, the mattress remains perfectly balanced while floating on the pool. There is also a safety valve in this product. With the help of this valve, the mattress can be deflated and inflated very quickly. Since it is oversized, it can be used conveniently by both men and women. Older kids and teenagers can also lie on it if there is full safety around them. There’s a reason why this pool mattress is hugely famous in America. Once you try it, you will love using it again and again while visiting the pools near you. Buy this qualitative and effective comfort pool mattress right now! 


  • This pool mattress is available in three beautiful and bright colours. 
  • The mattress remains cool even when the weather is hot and sunny. 
  • It comes with a pillow on it that is of the removable type. 
  • The mattress size is large, and it always remains balanced on water because of its well-spaced holes.


We have not found any cons of the Airhead cool suede comfort pool mattress till now. 

#2. Poolmaster Pool Mattress with French Pocket

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If you do not like enjoying pool time alone, then this pool mattress by Poolmaster is uniquely made just for you. With that, we would inform you that this pool mattress is large enough to be used by two people. Hence it can prove to be a fantastic resource for couples who are on vacation. It helps you enjoy lounge time at the pool with your partner. Yes, we know this is amazing. It is constructed using 14-gauge vinyl and will always allow you to float on water and be stable at the same time. Even when there are two people on the mattress, there is still some spare space where you can keep your sunglasses lotions and hats. It can be deflated and inflated quickly, which is why you can carry it in your bags when travelling. There are 36 integrated tufted pockets in the design of this product.  

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With these pockets, the mattress can hold water so that it can float and remain cool. Like the pool mattress mentioned in number one position, this pool mattress also comes with a pillow where you can comfortably rest your head while lying down on the mattress. The pillow will also allow you to have the perfect upper back support so that all your stress of the day vanishes soon. The colours that you can choose this mattress from include – pink, blue, and yellow. Its dimensions are 56 X 78 inches, which is why it is claimed to be one of the giant pool mattresses ever available in the market. Even after many uses, this pool mattress will maintain its structure and float well on the water without fail. You are going to love using it in your pool; we know this very well.


  • Two people can use this pool mattress.
  • Even after that, there will still be a spare space where you can keep small items and belongings of yours.
  • It weighs very little and can be easily carried around in your travel bags.
  • The 36 pockets in the product’s design allow it to maintain its structure while floating on water.


  • Some people do not like the colours on the design of this pool mattress.

#3. Solstice Pool Mattress

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If you are searching for a French-style pool mattress, you must go with the Solstice pool mattress. First off, it is very affordable. Hence you can have it even when you do not have a massive budget for a pool mattress. It has 18 pockets in its design, and the mattress floats very well on the water without moving too much from one spot to another. And since it is made using heavy-duty vinyl, you can use it as much as you like. There is also a headrest, and you must use it to give the most comfort to your body. However, one thing you must keep in mind is that this pool mattress is only supposed to be used by adults. Hence, do not let your kids climb on it. Often, when you are travelling and staying at a resort with a pool, a pool mattress can make the venture extremely fun.

All you have to do is take it to the pool and lie slowly on it. Like many other pool mattresses, this mattress also does not get too hot even when the sun is heating your surroundings. Instead, it takes the coolness of water to get transferred in its material and helps you enjoy a comfortable time. It only weighs 1 pound. Can you imagine? It is challenging to find pool mattresses lighter than that. Apart from this, its dimensions are – 68 X 9 X 26 inches. Such size is enough for a single person. The cups in its structure can also be used to hold your soda and cold drink cups. Just make sure you do not move too much otherwise, your drink might fall or spill. With this, extraordinarily sturdy and lovely pool mattress pool, time will be a lot of fun for you, and you would want to go there again and again.  


  • There are many customers all over America who love using this pool mattress while visiting their nearby pools.
  • It is incredibly affordable, and you can buy it even when you are any kind of budget.
  • Its sturdy vinyl construction is the reason why you can use it again and again. 
  • It has enough space for a single person and also has a comfortable headrest in its design. 


  • This pool mattress is only supposed to be used by adults. 

#4. Swimline Super-Sized Pool Mattress

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The Swimline pool mattress is made for the people who want to have a great lounge time at the pool. And did you know? You are going to get a mattress cover with this product. It is provided so that the life of the product is increased and you become able to enjoy it year after year in pools. Additionally, this cover is made using nylon fabric, which is why it is super durable and long-lasting. For poolside relaxation, you must use it to apply your favourite sunscreen on your body. Having sunglasses on your eyes will also help. The products remain sumptuously comfortable so that you get some time to forget your life’s worries while you are relaxing on it. We often see people who have never bought a pool mattress before struggling a lot. If you are someone like that, you can try going with this Swimline product. 

It will impress you with single-use, and then after using it for a while, you will feel comfortable to switch to other pool mattresses. Even when you use it harshly, the mattress will still never lose its structure. It also remains exceptionally balanced even when its weight is 5 pounds. If you want to know its dimensions, we will mention that too. They are – 16 X 4 X 10 inches. You have to understand that the specified dimensions are when the product is deflated. However, when it is filled with air, it may still feel small to some people. Hence if you are someone with a large height, you must try choosing some other pool mattresses. It can comfortably hold the weight of up to 300 pounds, and it will remain stable on the water. You can also let your dogs sit on it. However, you have to be extremely careful while doing that. The cover is of the royal blue colour and will catch the eyes of many people who have a taste. Don’t wait to go with this lovely pool air mattress


  • This is an amazing pool mattress for people who have not purchased a pool mattress before. 
  • It comes with a fabric cover that is made using high-quality Nylon.
  • This cover is the reason why it remains functional for many years without creating any problems. 


  • This pool mattress may feel heavy to some people. 
  • If you have a big height, you would not like using it that much.

#5. Poolmaster Pool Mattress

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Next up, we are coming to the second Poolmaster product on our list. Yes, that’s right; it is the second one from the same brand. That is because we trust Poolmaster products whole-heartedly. Unlike other pool mattresses, this mattress is perfectly thick. Its thickness is also more than the local mattress. Hence, whenever you lie on it, you will feel more comfortable. If you already own a pool mattress, you can also try comparing the level of comfort with this pool mattress with that. The product has mixed blue and white design, which sets it apart from other pool mattresses available for purchase. Additionally, it also large enough to fit anyone. Hence no matter what your height is, you will be able to lie in this mattress peacefully. Furthermore, the mattress has a headrest attached to it that acts as a pillow.  

Whenever you lie on it, your back will feel relaxed, and your muscles will lose the tightness they get from stress. The vinyl used in the construction of the product is of the 12-gauge type. You will like the overall durability of the product a lot. Other than a headrest, you would also be able to enjoy the armrest on the mattress. Hence, you might already guess how comfortable this pool mattress is going to be. It weighs 5 pounds so it could be a little difficult to carry around. But if you are visiting the nearby pool or have a pool at your house, you will love using it again and again during those summer days that feel extremely hot and humid. Also, did you know? This fantastic pool mattress has beverage holders. Therefore, having your favourite drinks and beverage lying on it is very easy. Isn’t that amazing? There can never be a more amazing pool mattress than this.


  • The design of this pool mattress is unique and attractive.
  • The whole pool mattress is very comfortable and durable. 
  • Other than a headrest, this pool mattress also comes with an amazing armrest. 
  • There is also the provision of beverage holders for your drinks and beverages. 


  • The pool mattress is a little heavy and can be a bit difficult to carry around while travelling.
  • It can feel a little huge for some people.

Buying Guide T0 Choose Best Pool Mattress

Buying a pool mattress may bring many questions to your mind. You might even be confused with many of its features and offerings. Hence, we have made this enhanced buying guide for all of you. Here we are going to discuss five main factors that you must look at if you are shopping for the pool mattress that will be right for you. Let us know them all right here – 

  1. Number of Holes: The holes in a pool mattress are made so that it always remains balanced and stable while floating on water. When these holes are more in number, they offer even higher stability. However, when a mattress has less than 15 holes, it isn’t that effective in floating. Since holes allow water to enter, they also help the mattress remain cool so that you do not feel uncomfortable while lying on it. Therefore, when looking for a pool mattress, you must look for a product that has sufficient and perfectly spaced holes. When these holes are sized well, they also let you keep your cups and drinks on it.  
  2. Size: The size of a pool mattress matters a lot when you are someone whose height is more than the overall average height. In such cases, you have to take special care while making a choice. Hence do not forget to look at the dimensions of the mattress of your choice. For that, you can choose to look at the description of the product. Many mattresses can also be used by two people at once if you are looking for such pool mattresses you can find such options too. However, even in those cases, you must still check the dimensions, especially the height of the mattress when it is filled with air.  
  3. Material and Extra Features: Generally, pool mattresses are made using a waterproof and synthetic material. This material has to be extremely light so that the product remains floating at all conditions. For extra features, we are considering the pillow that comes in particular pool mattresses. In many cases, this pillow is removable. However, when you are using it, you will be able to provide the best support to your back muscles. Also, using these pillows will help you lie on the pool mattress for longer hours. There are also options that come with a headrest. Try using that to give the maximum support to your back arch bones.
  4. Price of the Mattress: Let us be honest – the cost of the mattress is the main factor that you must keep in mind before thinking of anything else. With a rise in demand, we have come along many affordable options of pool mattresses. However, it can still not be said that all people will become able to afford them. Hence, always look for mattresses that lie in the price range of your liking. Once you see them, look for their quality and go with the ones that seem super durable and practical at the same time.  
  5. Reviews by Buyers: When someone buys a product, he/she tries to review it on the internet. Reading such testimonials prove to be extremely beneficial for many people. Hence, you must also access them if you are thinking of buying pool mattresses. To read them, try logging in to a well-reputed e-commercial site. There you will be able to find many reviews by all types of people. Additionally, you can also see if the product is right or not because these reviews are candid. If the pool mattress is not that goo, buyers mention it will full honesty on the internet. 

These were all the five factors that we wanted to bring to you and put some light on. Please read them all exceptionally carefully. If you don’t, you will be prone to end up with the wrong pool mattress. We have mentioned everything in separate sections, and everything is easy to read and grasp.


Pool mattresses are one of the best things you can own. They allow you to chill at the pool for long hours without interacting with anyone. Hence, even when going to the pool is a public affair, you can still have your private lounge time on such mattresses. All the five pool mattresses that we have described here are extremely qualitative. Once you pick your mattress, try using it when you are out and about to have a great time. Many of them are also lightweight; hence you can also carry them when you are going to any sort of holiday destination. Thus, you will be able to enjoy everything without any disappointment. If there is a particular colour of pool mattress in your mind, you must also look for that during your search. We hope that our description and discussion helped you all.  

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