Best Cotton Mattress & Cotton Pad 2020

Our Top 3 Picks

#1 Smith & Oliver #2 Naturepedic #3 Epic Furnishings
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Just like other energy sources, sleep is also a very essential source that de-stresses and relaxes your body. An average person spends nearly one-third of his life sleeping on the mattress. A lack of sound sleep can cause a lot of health issues in the body. This can range from body ache, poor posture, lack of concentration, anxiety, etc. One of the things that are responsible for not getting good quality sleep is the quality of the mattress.

If your mattress is not of good quality, then you will definitely toss and turn the entire night on it. The best way to overcome these issues is to select the right mattress for your body needs. With numerous types of mattresses available on the market, a cotton mattress is one of the highly recommended mattresses for people. This is due to the superior level of comfort, incredible support, better air ventilation, cheap price and other benefits that promote better sleep in a person. In this article, we are going to tell you some of the top picks in cotton mattresses that you can consider for your sleep needs.

Top 5 Best Cotton Mattress & Cotton Pad 

A cotton mattress comprises of the core, a top layer and a layer of comfort that lies between the top and the core. This arrangement helps in providing better comfort and cushion to the sleeper. In the cotton mattresses available online, you will see a cotton batting used in the form of a filler, or combined with natural materials like wool.

There are majorly two types of cotton used in making these mattresses. One is the organic cotton and other is the regular cotton. Organic cotton is of high grade and offers eco-friendly benefits. Where cultivation of regular cotton depends on weed killers and pesticides, organic cotton is devoid of any harmful substances. It is hand-picked and its fibers are soft and durable.

#1. Naturepedic Organic Cotton Mattress

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This is superior quality and a durable cotton mattress pad that offers the best level of comfort to a person. Sleeping on this mattress pad promotes a healthy posture that is needed for a restful sleep. Naturepedic Cotton Mattress pad does not contain any harmful substances and toxic chemical.

The cotton fabric helps in effective dissipation of heat and dries any moisture that has resulted due to sweat in a natural way. In this way, it ensures peaceful and sleeps. It is compact and can be easily folded. Easy to clean and portable. This mattress pad offers adequate firmness and good support to the sleeper. You can use it easily on varying surfaces.

#2. Epic Furnishings All Cotton Filled Mattress 


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This is another quality cotton mattress in our list that is meticulously designed and engineered to provide a sound sleep experience. This cotton mattress provides a sturdy and solid base while being elastic at the same time to fit easily on different bed bases.

Cotton mattress by Epic Furnishings responds rapidly to the body movements on the mattress which offer exemplary cushioning as well as pressure relief to a person. This helps in keeping the spine properly aligned. The plush and soft organic cotton-based cover has a foam layer, and pinstripe design to provide enhanced comfort.

#3. Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Mattress

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This organic soft cotton mattress from Oliver Smith is appropriate for both double and single size beds or you can order customize size also. It exhibits a remarkable ability to keep away moisture from the body so that you stay cool and fresh throughout the sleep.

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The organic cotton used in the manufacture of Oliver Smith mattress is very soft. This makes it perfect for people who are looking for a comfortable sleep. This cotton mattress pad offer enhanced lumbar support that supports the back and maintains the right body posture while you sleep. It is used as a topper of the mattress.

#4. Mozaic Cotton Foldable Mattress

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This is an awesome thin Cotton Mattress pad and the quality of the mattress was found softer than expected. Bedsure Cotton Mattress Pad has Fine stitching, Round curve edges, good elastic to be fitted easily and the main feature is it washable. It is foldable and easy to store anywhere. One Should try as it is very comfortable than my memory foam mattress. 

#5. Serta Cotton Mattress

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This cotton mattress is made with superior quality materials that provide unmatched quality which make you feel like sleeping on a cloud. Also, it is one of the most affordable cotton mattresses pad available online. This washable cotton mattress provides remarkable lumbar support. The cotton fabric used in manufacturing is cooler as compared to memory foam.

Six Things To Know Before Buying Cotton Mattress 

A cotton mattress is inexpensive mattresses that have been known to offer a wide range of benefits to its users. Some of them are mentioned below:


Cotton material feels smooth and soft. Due to this reason, people prefer it for bedding and clothing purpose. If you are looking for extended comfort, then in place of ordinary cotton mattresses, look for hand-tufted and pre-compressed cotton mattresses. These mattresses won’t form any lumps even after prolonged use.

2.Good Absorbent

Cotton is known for its better air circulation. It is a breathable fabric that has got a good ability to absorbs moisture like sweat. This fabric helps in quick dissipation of heat and leaves you feeling fresh and cool once you wake up.


This is another good attribute of a cotton mattress. Cotton is considered to be Hypoallergenic that implies that no chemical is used in the preparation of these mattresses. Due to this reason, they are a good option for people who have sensitive skin or suffer from any sort of allergies.

The right selection of a mattress can go a long way in keeping you healthy and fit. There are various factors that you need to look at the time of searching for an ideal type of mattress to suit your needs. These are:


A mattress should be a combination of firmness and softness. This is because a too firm mattress provides unnecessary pressure on your power points and disturbs the body alignment. A too-soft mattress does not offer the much-needed support on the pressure points and gives an uneasy feeling.

5.Mattress size

The mattress size depends on the sleeper’s height and available room space. The average mattress dimension is:

King size bed has 76’× 80′
Queen size bed has 60′ × 80′
The double bed has 53′ × 75′
Twin bed has 38’× 75′


Support is another major purchasing factor at the time of shopping for an ideal mattress. You must select a mattress that effectively holds the body in a neutral state and redistributes pressure evenly at the time of sleep.

The right mattress is the one that wakes you feeling comfortable and refreshed. All these mattresses are chosen after a lot of research on the most desired elements in a mattress. Try any of these mattresses to enjoy the most pleasant sleeping experience on the mattress.

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