Best Mattress Under $200 – Review & Buying Guide

Buying a mattress is one of the toughest decisions that we need to make. Mattresses help in making our sleep more peaceful after a hectic day’s work. Your sleep is the most important thing, as it revitalizes you for the next day’s hard work and makes you feel refreshed. Mattresses help in giving you comfort by reducing body pain as well as increasing the depth of the sleep. Selecting the right mattress always becomes difficult. More importantly, maintaining the right mattress conditions, safe from bugs is also important, else the mattress will become polluted and you won’t be able to enjoy the sleep.  

Top 5 Best Mattress Under 200 US Dollar

Different kinds of mattresses are available depending on the different size, colour, dimension as well as the packaging material. The mattresses can be built-in with a single layer or multi-layer, springs or without springs that help in increasing the safety and the comfort provided by the mattress. Let us have a look at the Best Mattress Under 200 King Size which you must buy in order to enjoy the best night’s sleep:

#1. Linenspa 6 Inch Innerspring Mattress

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Linenspa Innerspring Mattress is a highly comfortable mattress that is aimed to last for long. Provided with extreme comfort and wonderful protection, the mattress remains protected against fire outbreaks. Comes in a compressed form, yet is highly durable and formidable in nature. The durability of the product is well praised as it is the best product if you have kids in your home. The mattress is lightweight in nature, hence can be easily shipped. The portability of the mattress is very high, which makes it highly relevant and efficient. The thickness of the mattress is 6 inches and is fitted with supportive pads, springs and enhanced flexibility and luxury.


  • Easy-rolling of the mattress hence can be shipped easily.
  • Attached with a spring, thus shock absorption
  • Regulation of the temperature, enhancing its credibility.
  • Quality of the product is unmatched.


  • The mattress is noisy.
  • Needs a solid base for the mattress to perform better. 

#2. Lucid 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a mattress that has foam present within the mattress within a matrix of gel, which helps in increasing the flexibility of the mattress. You can relate to the memories of your childhood as it is designed to take you back in memory lane. With increased ventilation, the mattress is odourless as well as airy, which increases the efficiency of the mattress. The product is more durable and it can last for a longer time, compared to other products, which makes it one of the best products available.

Space-saver and highly portable, the mattresses are best suited to be used if you have children in your home. You can also use the mattress in case the house welcomes many guests. It gives a perfect complement to any décor of your house, thus adds an excellent frame of beauty to the house. You can cherish the sleep in a cosy and sound manner, as  LUCID 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is available in different colours and sizes also.  


  • Assured durability of the product.
  • Resistant against any foreign elements of dust and mites.
  • Flexible and a soft mattress, hence the cushion-effect is high.
  • Portability of the product is high as it can fit into a small box.


  • The thickness of the mattress is an issue to be concerned about
  • Mould in the mattress has caused disappointment.  

#3. Classic Brands Decker Hybrid Memory Foam

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Classic Brands Decker Hybrid Memory Foam Is one of the most comfortable mattresses which enhance the sleeping experience as the material foam which is used is made of supreme quality. The mattress is best when it comes to durability and knitting as the mattress is knitted excellently which prevents it from any mechanical wear and tear. The gel present within the mattress works like magic to reduce the pain in the pressure points of the body.

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The innerspring system and the wonderful flexibility of the mattress, due to the foam present, make the mattress highly demanded to provide extreme pleasure and relaxation. Wrapped in multiple layers, the mattress has the spring which is fitted at the bottom-most layer, which makes it efficient and adjustable. 


  • Portability of the product is extremely exquisite as the entire product fits into a box
  • The adjustability of the mattress makes it highly efficient in use.
  • Multiple layers of the mattress enhance the durability of the mattress.
  • Springs attaches to the mattress absorbs any shocks.


  • The mattress cannot be flipped, thus can be used only on one side.
  • Divots were developed on the mattress as a time elapsed. 

#4. PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

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PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress is constructed in such a way so as to give you a comfortable sleep as well as reduce your pain in joints. The mattress has memory foam within in, that are filled in a matrix of fluid that prevents them from sticking to each other. The temperature that gets accumulated in the mattress gets evenly distributed through the mattress.

An I gel, which is present within the mattress help in temperature regulation and excellent distribution of temperature. The pressure gets evenly distributed throughout the entire bed, thus making it very comfortable to enjoy your sleep. The mattress has three different layers, that makes it one of the perfect ones for the absorption of the shock. The pain in the joints and the pressure distribution helps in maintaining the proper shape of the body, which eventually enhances the quality of the sleep.


  • Product of high quality, as enhanced sleeping experience is provided,
  • Temperature regulation helps in the stability of the temperature.
  • Pressure from joints is relieved. 


  • Cover of the mattress is not removable or washable
  • Sagging of the mattress has been reported by users.

#5. Zinus Memory Foam 6 Inch Green Tea Mattress

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Zinus Memory Foam 6 Inch Green Tea Mattress is a well-knitted excellent quality mattress that is multi-layered, thus providing the best in-house sleeping area for you. Your bed will be the next hub for all of your activities as it becomes the unique and the most comfortable place to sit and enjoy. Bacteria protection and safety against odour by the use of tea leaves within the mattress also helps in giving an organic feel to the entire experience. The mattress is known for its reliability, durability and excellent product portability. With an increased demand for performance and content, the mattress fits exactly into your bed, thus giving you a perfect experience to enjoy your sleep. Let us have a look at some of the pros and cons of the mattress:


  • The thickness of the mattress is very large, making it recommendable. 
  •  The cooling feature helps in radiating the body heat over the entire mattress.
  • A comfortable sleeping experience is provided, due to the bio-foam.
  • Perfectly fit for people across different weights. 


  • Issues with the washing of the mattress have been reported.
  • Users have recommended not to unzip the cover of the mattress.

Buying Guide To Choose Best Mattress Under $200

Buying a mattress is not as simple as it sounds. What must not be ignored is that we must look into some important properties, before jumping into buying the mattress. Let us have a look at some of the important features every mattress must have:

  • Portability: Currently, our lives have become a make-shift in nature. With the continuous transfers and postings in different locations, look for a mattress that is lighter, softer yet durable. Understand that the mattress must not be too difficult to be relocated, yet must not be harmed during the relocation.
  • Ventilation: The inflow and outflow of air in and out of the mattress help in keeping the mattress dry. Ventilation is helpful since it reduces the odour as well as maintains a clear airflow within the mattress.
  • Durability: Keeping a tab on the durability of the mattress is very essential. You would prefer buying a mattress which lasts for 5-10 years if not, more. Since durability depends on the way of handling the mattress, care needs to be taken, on selecting the type of material used in the mattress, whether it can handle stress or not.
  • Flexibility: Some people prefer hard mattresses, whereas others prefer softer ones. As per your requirement, flexibility becomes important, as a flexible mattress is said to reduce the pain of the joints as well as increases the comfort of the sleep.
  • The thickness of the mattress: Proper care and concern should be put upon the thickness of the mattress. Some mattress is very thick, thus help in reducing the pain of the neck, whereas thin mattresses help in realigning the sleeping position easily while sleeping. 
  • Cost: One of the parameters, which many of us miss out is realizing the total cost of the mattress is not only the purchasing cost but includes the cost incurred by the mattress during the total life cycle. The total cost also includes the maintenance cost, which must be taken into consideration, while purchasing the mattress. 
  • Warranty: One of the most important features which you must look at is the warranty that the mattress comes with. Provided that the mattress faces any defect, you would not like to spend money to repair its defects, one after the other. In order to control that, you should look for the added warranty that comes along with the mattress. 
  • Back support: While buying a mattress, please consider if the mattress provides perfect back support. Since it is one of the biggest concerns, as perfect back support assists in keeping the body in perfect shape and posture. Maintaining the right posture of the body enhances the development and the growth of the cells of the body as well as increase the blood flow and flexibility. 
  • Allergens: You must look into the material which is used both outside and on the inside of the mattress. If you are allergic to certain materials, it is recommended to take care of the allergens as you don’t want to increase the suffering. Buying organic mattresses are always preferred since they reduce the extent of discomfort and increase the luxury of sleep. 

Let us have a look at the benefits of having a wonderful mattress in your home:

  • The flexibility of the mattresses helps in resting your body in any comfortable position that you wish, without having the trouble of feeling the pain the next morning.
  • If you select a dual comfort mattress, rest assured that the changes in the climatic conditions will not affect the quality of the sleep or the quality of the mattress.
  • You can enjoy different climates in different ways, as many mattresses provide temperature regulation. Summertime sleep will not be filled with sweat and neither will be the winter sleep be a chilled one.
  • No more slipping of the mattress, as a mattress also comes with excellent edge support. It makes you relax while sleeping and enjoying yourself after a day’s hard work.
  • Give a relaxing massage to your spine and backbone as the best mattresses offer you the best deal of perfect sleep while giving a wonderful relaxation.
  • The decoration and the beauty of your newly bought wooden cot or the lavish home are accentuated by the wonderful cushion mattress. It helps to increase the beauty of the home. 
  • The mattress also regulates the temperature of the body, since many mattresses also come with the regulation of the temperature to enhance temperature distribution 

Final Verdict:

Buying the right mattress is the most effective step which one can take in order to improve the sleeping cycle. The biological clock gets attuned due to the comfort which a mattress provides, provided it meets the needs of the person. Increasingly, we must ensure buying a mattress that doesn’t cause allergy and reduces the back pain. In this article, we have listed down the buying guide and Best Mattress Under 200 King Size that helps you in choosing the best mattress.


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