AmazonBasics Mattress Reviews – Check Size & Types Before Buying

Mattresses offer ultimate comfort for the users and if you have chosen the right product for yourself, you can easily deal with the issues like insomnia and restlessness. The right type and firmness of the mattress play important role in getting a perfect night’s sleep. So, whenever you are looking to buy a new mattress for your bed, we will suggest you look at the comfort level and firmness of the mattress. Talking about the brands that you should be looking for a perfect mattress, one brand that grabbed our attention in the past few years is AmazonBasics. Unlike many other mattress brands available in the market, AmazonBasics is owned and run by Amazon. This business line was launched in the year 2009 and since then it has been a remarkable brand for the households. In all, you can completely rely on AmazonBasics for quality, efficiency, and price. So, if you are looking to try an exceptional brand and don’t want to compromise with the quality and comfort, the AmazonBasics Mattresses are a worthy item to consider. 

What Is The AmazonBasics Mattress Made Of?

AmazonBasics Mattress Reviews

As the AmazonBasics is not a mainstream mattress manufacturer, the company has made every important thing in mind to provide the customers with a better and more comfortable product at the least possible price. And this can easily be seen by the quality of the material they have used in their mattresses. The AmazonBasics mattresses have a brilliant material quality that makes them a worthy choice for homeowners. The fabric cover of the mattress is one of the most important things to consider while buying a new mattress. The fabric cover of the mattress ensures that the mattress can be used in different weather conditions without being too uncomfortable. The fabric cover over the mattress should be breathable so that you can easily relax on the mattress even in hot and humid weather conditions. AmazonBasics mattresses use the finest quality cotton fabric cover which is considered the best for the different weather conditions. Also, it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. So, if you are after comfort and easy maintenance, the AmazonBasics mattresses are the best to go with. 

Outstanding Foam Quality

If you are looking for comfort, the thing that matters the most to look at is the foam quality. The foam quality and firmness of the mattresses define the quality of the mattress and it is essential that you choose the most perfect quality of foam while choosing an ideal sleep mattress for yourself. AmazonBasics uses the best quality memory foam and layers it perfectly to assure comfort and proper support. So, if you were looking for the most effective results and unmatched comfort, AmazonBasics mattresses are going to be a perfect choice to go with. Regardless of the budget you have and the type of mattress you choose from the brand, you can be assured of getting the best quality foam and comfort. 

Carefully Designed Springs in Spring Mattress

Spring design and placement play an important role in choosing a perfect innerspring mattress for home. The AmazonBasics spring mattresses use the best quality spring in terms of material and design. Also, the springs are separated by the fabric pockets that help the mattress to retain the shape for years. The brilliantly designed springs in the AmazonBasics mattresses offer even bounce and brilliant support. So, if you are looking to buy a high-quality spring mattress for yourself, you should once try hands on the spring mattresses from AmazonBasics. In all, by choosing AmazonBasics mattresses for yourself, you won’t have to worry about the material quality or any such thing. These mattresses are meant to perform and will serve you for years without any major performance issues. Try your hands on AmazonBasics Mattresses and you won’t be disappointed by their performance. 

What are the Types of AmazonBasics Mattress?


AmazonBasics Mattress Reviews

AmazonBasics Mattresses are available in different types that target different buyers with different needs. All of these mattresses’ types are equally reliable and offer outstanding value. So, have a look at these types of AmazonBasics mattresses available online, and get the most effective results and unmatched comfort. 

Gel Based Mattress

Gel-based mattresses offer a layer of cool gel that is evenly applied as the top layer of the mattress. This layer not only offers the users a comfortable feel while sleeping but is also a great option for the buyers who are looking for the best performance and relieve muscle pain. The gel-based mattresses are considered the best for hot summers and areas where the seasons are hotter than others. So, if you are looking for better comfort and planning to buy a good quality summer mattress for yourself, the Gel-based mattresses are going to be the best choice for you. 

Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket spring mattresses are the best options for users who are looking for a durable mattress for them and do not want to spend a large amount on the mattresses. The spring mattresses offer better support and better durability in comparison with the normal foam mattresses. And if you are looking for a perfect mattress that can act as a decent performer between the memory foam and normal foam mattresses, the Pocket spring mattresses are the best one to go with. 

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are amongst the most popular choices among the buyers. The perfect design, easy usability, and utmost comfort are the base reasons behind the enormous popularity of the memory foam mattresses from AmazonBasics. Apart from being available in different sizes, the AmazonBasics memory foam mattresses offer different firmness levels. Due to this, you can choose a perfect memory foam mattress for yourself.  A few memory foam mattresses from AmazonBasics can be used from both sides and offer different firmness levels on either side. So, the users can easily choose the most suitable side according to their needs. These were the three most popular types of AmazonBasics mattresses that you can buy today. Choose the most suitable one for yourself according to your needs and budget. 

In What Different Size AmazonBasics Mattress is Available?

Like the other mattress brands available in the market, AmazonBasics mattresses are also available in different sizes. Some of the popular sizes for the buyers are discussed below. Have a look at them and decide which mattress should you go with.

King Size mattress

King size mattresses are the most common and widely sold mattress size from AmazonBasics. Unlike the other brands, King size mattresses from AmazonBasics offers better quality and performance. Along with the varied range of firmness levels and a wide range of mattress types, the king-size mattresses from AmazonBasics are available in different thickness options. So, get the perfectly suited King-sized mattress from AmazonBasics and get the best performance. 

Queen Size Mattress

Queen Size mattresses are another popular choice to go with if you are looking for an ideal mattress for two people and a kid. AmazonBasics queen size mattresses offer brilliant support and fit that you can’t get on the similarly priced brands. The AmazonBasics Queen size mattresses fit perfectly on the Queen beds and offer exact size and perfect fit. That means you won’t have to worry about any size issues by choosing the queen Size mattresses from AmazonBasics. 

Twin Bed Mattress

AmazonBasics’ Twin bed mattresses are a great option for buyers who are looking for a perfect mattress from their Twin beds. The amazing design options and flawless fit make these mattresses a perfect choice for users who are looking for a no-compromise twin bed mattress for them. Different thickness options and firmness levels help the users choose the most suitable and comfortable Twin mattress for their home. If you were looking to invest your money in a product that is meant for a perfect fit and finish, the Twin bed mattress from AmazonBasics is going to be the best-in-class performer. Try it, and you won’t be disappointed with the mattress. 

Customized Mattress

Apart from the regular sizes, the AmazonBasics mattresses are also available in the customized sizes that make it easier for the customers to buy the most efficient and comfortable fit for the single bed, sofa-cum-bed, and many other places. You can easily choose the most perfect fit according to the dimensions of the bed and buy the mattress according to the best size and thickness. Search for the available sizes and choose the one that goes well with your bed. 

Should You Buy the AmazonBasics Mattress?

AmazonBasics Mattress Reviews

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AmazonBasics mattresses are worthy mattresses to have at home. With the amazing build and reasonable pricing, these mattresses are a great option for those buyers who are looking to invest their money in an ideal sleep mattress that is both durable and comfortable. Some of the other points that we loved about the AmazonBasics mattresses are listed below. Go through them and decide whether the AmazonBasics Mattresses are worth buying or not. 

Outstanding Performance

The first thing that we loved about AmazonBasics mattresses is the outstanding performance of the products. No matter what amount you want to spend on the mattresses, AmazonBasics is a brand that you can completely rely on for performance and efficiency. The perfect support and lightweight design, AmazonBasics mattresses are amongst the best performers for the said price range. So, have a look at these mattresses and buy the most suited mattresses that fit your budget and needs. 

Premium Quality Material and Finish

Another point that makes the AmazonBasics Mattresses a worthy item to consider is the premium material quality used in the mattresses. Due to these, the AmazonBasics Mattresses offer brilliant finish and fit. So, if you were looking to invest your money in a perfect mattress brand that not only offers exceptional comfort and looks great in your bedroom, the AmazonBasics mattresses would be a great option to go with.

Great Durability

As the AmazonBasics mattresses use high-quality material and exceptional design, they offer unmatched durability to the users. The durable design and construction of AmazonBasics mattresses offer users great life expectancy and you can easily rely on them for years of comfortable night sleep. Also, the mattresses come with a brilliant warranty that makes sure that you are going to use them for years without any major maintenance issues. So, if you are looking to invest your money in a reasonable and perfectly built mattress, you should once try hands-on AmazonBasics Mattresses for yourself. 

Reasonable Pricing

Pricing is another important factor to consider while purchasing an ideal mattress for the home. The price should be legible enough for the quality and comfort of the mattress as well as it should provide the best value to the buyers. Going with renowned brands can help you get a better product, but if you are after value for money and get the best product, AmazonBasics mattresses would be an ideal brand to go with. Try your hands on mattresses from the AmazonBasics brand and you are not going to be disappointed with the performance of the mattresses especially when they are compared with the similarly priced products available in the market. 

The Great Customer Response Team

Another reason why we have shortlisted AmazonBasics Mattresses for the readers is the great customer response team.  The AmazonBasics has brilliant support that will make the users love the products and the way the issues are dealt with the professionals. So, if you were looking to invest your money to buy a highly efficient brand that actually cares for their customers, the AmazonBasics mattresses are going to be a perfect choice to be with. 

Great Value For Money

Another reason why the AmazonBasics mattresses are a popular choice for buyers is the value for money these mattresses provide to the users. With the finest quality material and unmatched performance, the AmazonBasics mattresses are the best in the price range. If you were looking for quality and want to have complete value for your money, the AmazonBasics Mattresses are the best option to choose for. Try your hands on them and you won’t have to worry about the value for money.

Perfect User Reviews

No matter what your needs are, and which mattress you choose from AmazonBasics, you can judge the quality of the mattress by the outstanding user reviews. The AmazonBasics mattresses are amongst the best-rated mattresses and regardless of the model you choose, you can get the best results and comfort. Try your hands on the AmazonBasics mattresses and get the best rated and valued mattress for your home. 

An Outstanding Range of Mattress

Another plus point that made us recommend the AmazonBasics mattresses to the readers is the outstanding range of products available. The only thing that you need to think of is the budget. You will easily get a perfect AmazonBasics mattress to go with. With the perfect design and amazing performance, all the AmazonBasics mattresses offer brilliant comfort. No matter which product you choose for yourself, you won’t have to worry about performance or usability. 

Easy Maintenance

All the AmazonBasics mattresses are extremely easy to maintain and use. This makes them one of the most ideal choices for homeowners. Whether it is about cleaning them or replacing the bed frame, the AmazonBasics mattresses are the best ones to deal with. With the best quality material and finest workmanship, the AmazonBasics mattresses are the most efficient and easy to maintain mattresses to go with. Whether you are looking for the regular cleanup of the mattresses or the deep cleaning of the mattresses, the AmazonBasics mattresses are amongst the best choices you can make in the respective price ranges. Try your hands on these mattresses and you won’t regret paying for them. Along with these, there are numerous other points that make AmazonBasics a perfect brand for mattresses. You can easily explore these added advantages of buying an AmazonBasics Mattress for your home. So, try your hands on the AmazonBasics Mattresses and know why these are worth considering mattresses for your home. 

AmazonBasics Mattress Complaints From Customers

With AmazonBasics, there is not much to talk about the complaints. The amazing build and perfect finish make the AmazonBasics mattresses just perfect for homes. However, there is one thing that you can company about mattresses. And that is it is an Amazon Exclusive brand that isn’t readily available in the market. So, if you are looking for something that is out of stock on Amazon, you won’t be able to buy it from elsewhere. Other than that, the AmazonBasics mattresses are great to buy. Regardless of the model you choose for yourself, you can have a perfect sleep and a comfortable night. 


In all, AmazonBasics mattress is a perfect choice for buyers who are not too keen to go with the high-end mattresses from renowned brands. Still, you can get a highly durable and feature-rich mattress that completely worth the money and offers the users best-in-class comfort and usability. You can try hands on any of the AmazonBasics mattresses without worrying about the quality or performance. 

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