5 Things To Know Before Buying Zippered Mattress Protector

Mattress can be an expensive purchase, and we all want our mattresses to last as long as possible. You will surely not deny the fact that mattress protectors can improve the life of mattresses while keeping them in good condition. The mattress protectors available in the market will keep the mattress clean, and they will protect you from dust mites, allergies, and any other pathogens. Since the mattress remains in good condition, you would not have to worry about the warranty claims. The mattress protectors also protect the mattress from spills. 

Why Buy Zippered Mattress Protector – 5 Reason

Zippered Mattress Protector

Now, the product has evolved a lot, and today, you will not only find the fitted mattress covers, but you will also find the zippered mattress covers available in the market. Most people prefer zippered options since they protect the whole mattress from allergens. Apart from this, the zippered mattress protectors also ensure that you can use the mattress outside without having to worry about moisture. Moreover, when cleaning, you can remove the protector and wash it off in your washing machine. If you are planning to buy a zippered mattress protector, you should go through the points listed here. The points will help you in making a better buying decision. Here are the 5 points that you must know before you buy a zippered mattress protector.

#1. Offers Better Protection

Zippered mattress protectors cover the entire mattress, and hence there is no space for the moisture or food particles to get in the mattress. What this means is that the zippered mattress protectors offer better protection. This is because the mattress remains free from pathogens and moisture for a long time. The zippered mattress protectors also don’t get dirty quickly, so you would not have to worry about washing them every month. Overall, there is a vast difference in the protection offered by zippered mattress protectors. If you are buying an expensive memory foam mattress, our advice would be to choose zippered mattress protectors to protect your investment for the long term. Since your mattress would not take any damage, it will also be effortless for you to claim the warranties in case of any issues, even after ten years of usage.

#2. Has Better Fit

If you buy the fitted mattress covers, you will notice that they have elastic in them. If you turn and toss while sleeping, then the mattress protector gets crumbled, which compromises the protection it offers. Another issue with the fitted mattress protector is that the elastic loses its elasticity over time, and hence the fit is spoiled. If you have faced similar issues, it would be better to opt for a zippered mattress protector. The zippered mattress protectors would offer you the exact and a better fit. The edges would match the size of the mattress, and the zipper will ensure that the protector stays in place when your pet is jumping on your mattress. So, if you need a better fit, you must certainly get zippered mattress protectors instead of any other offering from the market. You would need more effort while installing these protectors for the first time, and you would also have to lift the mattresses, but these extra efforts are worth it.

#3. Can Be Used Outdoor

Some of us always want versatile products. For example, if you prefer garden camping with your child, then you would surely need your mattress there. The problem with not using a mattress protector in such a case is that it would soil the mattress and expose it to moisture. You will have a similar problem if you use a fitted mattress protector instead of the zippered one. Since the zippered mattress protector would cover the mattress from the bottom, it will offer protection to your mattress even during outdoor usage. So, if you are going to take the mattress outdoor and if you are going to expose it to the elements, then we highly recommend opting for the zippered mattress protector as it would improve the life of your mattress. 

#4. Maintenance & Cleaning

No matter which type of mattress protector you buy, you would have to clean it once in a while. So, when you are buying zippered mattress protector, you need to consider that aspect as well. The first thing here is that the zippered mattress protector should be machine washable. This would reduce your cleaning effort drastically, and you would not have to visit the dry cleaner to get it clean. The second thing here is to ensure that the mattress has a heavy-duty zipper that doesn’t break due to constant usage. It will require some effort from your side while cleaning or removing the mattress covers, but you should be able to compromise on this, considering zippered mattress protector comes with better protection.

#5. Fabric Selection

There are many options available in terms of the fabric when you are buying zippered mattress protectors. First, you must ensure that whatever you are buying is a breathable zippered mattress protector. This fabric would ensure that you are not sleeping hot, and it will allow enough ventilation so that you do not get sweaty on the hot summer night. The breathable fabric would offer optimal protection to the mattress as well. You should also note that there are multiple sizes available in the zippered mattress protectors. You should get the right size according to your mattress size, or else it would not be a good fit. The zippered protectors are matched edge to edge, which helps you with the optimal protection of the mattress. So, consider the size and the material of the mattress before you buy the zippered mattress protector.

Bottom Line

So, by going through the points listed above, you would have realized that zippered mattress protectors offer better protection to your mattress. It also offers you the required versatility that enables you to clean and wash the mattress. Therefore, if you haven’t purchased the protectors yet, we recommend you ditch the fitted mattress protectors and instead opt for the zippered mattress protectors.

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