5 Things To Know Before Buying The Wedge Pillow

For a therapeutic rest, your doctor can advise you to use a wedge pillow. These pillows can be sloped gently for creating a bit of inclination which can support your neck and head properly. One can make use of the wedge pillows in form of a reading pillow; you can place them against a headboard or a wall. If you are in search of a pillow that can make your sleep more restful and can assist you in the lounge in your bed comfortably, then going for a wedge pillow can be the right option.  However, there are 5 important things that you must know before buying a wedge pillow. This includes the following:

#1. How to Shop For A Wedge Pillow In Terms Of Size And Material?

You can sleep on a large and expert-designed wedge-shaped pillow that helps in managing sleep issues. It creates additional resistance for an acid flow. It helps in limiting sleeping positions that can put pressure on the abdomen and aggravates the reflux and heartburn symptoms. One can find a wedge pillow in a regular bed store or can find it in the maternity shop. You can also check out them in drugstores, medical supply stores, or specialty sleep stores. One can tilt the head of the bed upwards, which helps in raising the bed and reduces the chance of stomach acid reflux in the throat. You can find wedge pillows in different sizes that can fit your bed size. For full beds and twin ones, a wedge pillow can fit comfortably. The larger beds like king sizes and queen size require a larger wedge which stretches the bed length. A wedge pillow is ideal for your bed for both comfort and aesthetic reasons. When it comes to materials, these wedge bed pillows are manufactured typically by making use of memory foam or regular foam. 

#2. How Does Wedge Pillow Work For GERD and Acid Reflux?

Many people use wedge pillows if they are suffering from GERD or acid reflux. The acid can go up to the stomach and then in the esophagus easily, when anyone is sleeping using a standard pillow or on their back. But if you use a wedge pillow, it can help in elevating the torso, shoulders, and head from preventing you from this problem.  When you elevate your upper body, the gravity lessens the stomach acid to move up into the esophagus. This also helps in relieving acid reflux at nighttime. You can also make use of this wedge pillow while sleeping on the back or side so that it doesn’t cause any tension to your neck or head. You can find most of the pillows in the market which are elevated to 40-45 degrees and are 7 to 8 inches at the top. They are designed ergonomically and sturdy enough. As time passes by, these pillows might lose their firmness and shape. After some years, you can replace your wedge pillow.

#3. What Are The Uses Of a Wedge Pillow?

A wedge pillow can solve various purposes based on its shape type. Let’s have a look at its multiple uses below: A standard wedge pillow can help in alleviating the symptoms of sinus congestion, acid reflux, heartburn, which props up in a position that helps in sleeping comfortably. The extra-large wedge pillows can be used while reading in a bed and help in supporting the spine for avoiding misalignment. The leg wedge pillows come with a curve in their middle for propping the leg and keep the circulation in a flow. A wedge pillow is ideal to reduce varicose veins and offers a comfortable inclination for sprained and broken ankles. Many doctors advise using leg wedge pillows if a patient is suffering from restless leg syndrome. One should not go for them if they are using a wedge pillow for medical purposes. These cushiony pillows are beneficial for pregnant women as they can be utilized in different positions for preventing strain on abdominal and back muscles. 

#4. What is a Wedge Pillow?

The wedge pillows are used for orthopedic purposes. They are designed for people that have issues of chronic pain and poor circulation. A wedge pillow is in a sloping shape which allows the users to easily rest their knees, legs, head, torsos, or shoulder in an elevated position. This helps in the better flow of blood and can also alleviate the pressure points in your sensitive areas. For the ones who snore heavily, this inclined position can also prove beneficial. The wedge pillows made of memory foam can fit according to the shape and are ideal for side sleepers. The wedges made out of polyurethane foam are good for back sleepers as it helps in offering firm support to keep the back in an aligned position. Some of the wedge pillows are made up of polyester filling, which offers a softer feeling. They are more like regular pillows. 

#5. How They Are Made?

The wedge pillows are largely made up of memory foam that offers long-lasting and sturdy support. They are wider and longer than a standard sleeping pillow. They are heavy and can prevent slippage while sleeping. You might find that they have a single foam piece or multiple foams, the stackable layers are also used for customized inclination. Wedge pillows are a smart option made of memory foam and polyfoam. They are triangular which stays in one place as compared to a standard pillow. The wedge pillow angle can vary based on the pillow’s height and some heights are ideal as compared to others for relieving some conditions.  As a shopper, while buying a wedge pillow, you should keep the elevation in mind, as to how much elevation you require, what are your symptoms, and your chosen sleeping position. And then make an ideal purchase of your wedge pillow which can offer the best solution to your medical issues. 

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