5 Things to Know Before Buying Sofa Mattress Topper

Converting your existing sofa into a mattress offers a range of advantages related to comforting sleep. Many people face an issue like lack of space, no extra room for guests and much more. In such a situation, making your guest feel comfortable and have a quality sleep is a major issue.  The most reliable solution is a foldable bed but that is still going to cost you a significant amount. So, what’s the best alternative? Well, a sofa mattress topper. Most Americans have a sofa in their home, and using the same by converting it into a portable bed is a genuine option. You can buy frames and other accessories to get such benefits. 

Sofa Mattress Topper – All You Need To Know

sofa mattress toppers

However, when it comes to sofa beds are not as good as they sound. To eradicate this problem, a mattress topper seems adequate. Small footprint, lightweight design, and premium comfort level are key qualities to expect from the best sofa mattress topper. But, how do choose the right one? Well, here are some essential tips – 

#1. Look For Top Brands 

The best selling brands of sofa mattress toppers are always from top-level brands. Going with the well-liked brands, their high-end models, and considering their features can help you sort out the right product. There are many brands but below mentioned are some of the popular ones – 

  • Lucid
  • Zinus 
  • Pure Brands
  • Madison Parks Essential 
  • Gaurdmax

The quality of service is also top-notch, and you get extra services like responsive 24/7 support in case of having any issue. No doubt you might have to go beyond the budget for top brands, but there are some pocket-friendly models to offer you the right sofa mattress topper.

#2. Look For Material Of Sofa Mattress Topper

Memory foam is a widely preferred material of choice for mattresses, cushions, and other accessories. It is also affordable and provides impressive features. You can choose orthopaedic memory foam sofa mattress toppers for back pain and other issues. The best part is, this material is also safe to use.  Whereas if you are looking for other material then you can go with polyester batting, wool, cotton, and hybrids to have additional benefits. These are materials for expensive cost, and there are other qualities like excellent durability, breathable material, and more. Keep in mind that no material is the best one, so considering the right one based on proper research is better.  If you want benefits of both worlds, extra firm and breathable, then hybrids provide better qualities. These kinds of mattress toppers are made using two materials. The infusion is based on preserving the quality of each material and giving you the best experience during a long comfy sleep.

#3. Dimension And Thickness of Sofa Mattress Topper

Well, every sofa mattress topper is made of thin layers so it doesn’t add much to your existing sofa height. These are also kept low-key to provide a lightweight design and an amazing portability factor. During the long use, you can choose different thicknesses based on the use. The standard thickness options are –

  • 1.5 inches
  • 2 inches
  • 3 inches

These are three different options that will fulfil most of your needs. More than this thickness means you are buying mattresses. After consideration of thickness, looking after the dimension of the sofa mattress topper is important. The key aspects are – 

  • Always measure the length of the sitting area on the sofa on the long side. 
  • Use measurement tapes to learn about the height from the ground for the right thickness. 

Once you consider these two aspects, you are almost done with the research part. The next important aspect is to consider all the things and choose the right one.

#4. Must Buy Certified Products

Most manufacturers are certifying their sofa mattresses to ensure that they meet quality standards. If you go with poorly made sofa mattress toppers, you are about to get a harmful product. There might be harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process. During sleep time, these tiny particles go inside your body as you inhale. The side effect of inhaling harmful particles is easy to find in sleep. On the other hand, your room will be polluted also. Always find sofa mattress toppers that are US, or EU-certified. Most of the top-notch brands consider mentioning certification on the product label. Cheap brands might label it, but they won’t give complete detail. Once you consider a brand which is in top 5 most selling manufacturer of the sofa mattress topper, you are half-way done. You can choose blindly and get the best-in-class sofa mattress topper by this method. It will save you money as well as time also. 

#5. Look For Warranty Of Sofa Mattress Topper

No doubt that warranty gives security, and if there is any issue with the build quality, manufacturing fault, or poor comfort level, you can get the product replaced. There are many times when the product goes out of shape after a couple of months of use. In such a situation, you can get the claim. When you go with some of the most popular brands, you can also expect great after-sale services. Claiming a warranty is easy with such popular brands. Top brands offer years of warranty on their sofa mattress topper, whereas cheap ones won’t be mentioning anything related to warranty. You can also consider a replacement policy of 100 days which is offered by many sellers. As if you are not satisfied with the mattress, you can return it immediately and there will be no further questions asked. Isn’t it a reliable option? Note – Always learn about buyers’ opinions regarding the product by checking out feedback. This method will save you from buying a poorly designed sofa mattress topper.

Final Verdict

Based on the tips and your basic needs, you can figure out an outstanding sofa mattress topper. Keep in mind, all the products aren’t up to the claim always. There is always any catch that’s why looking for the most-selling models seems adequate. Apart from the brands, checking design-related aspects can get you the most suitable sofa mattress topper.

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