Uses And Benefits of Moving Blankets – Must Read Before Buying

House move is a stressful activity, and the problem with house move is that many furniture may get scratched and damaged. This can lead to additional repair costs after you have moved to a new location. There is an easy solution to prevent this damage, and that is to use the best moving blankets during the house move. If you do not know what a moving blanket is, let us tell you that it is a blended material that is made of cotton & polyester mesh. You can use these blankets to pad the furniture and other electronic items to protect them during the move. You will often find a lot of professional movers using the moving blankets.

Uses & Benefits of Moving Blankets

If you are planning a home move and plan to do it yourself, then the first recommendation is to buy the moving blankets. We are sure that you might not be convinced with the purchase, so we decided to list the uses and benefits of the moving blankets. Go ahead and check them out below.

Bedding for Pet – Another good use of the moving blankets is that you can use them with the pets after you have finished your home move. They offer good cushioning and insulation to the pets, and even your pet would feel comfortable sleeping on the moving blankets instead of the hard floor. They certainly prove to be a cheap alternative to the expensive mattresses designed for pets.

Emergency Use – You must be thinking about the use of moving blankets after you have finished your home move. The easy and the most logical thing to do is keep the moving blankets in the car’s trunk. They can prove to be of great help in an emergency. They can help you repair, and they can also help you keep yourself warm if you are stranded on the road.

Insulation – If you often love to play loud music in your room or carry out a construction activity that may bother the neighbors, another great use of the moving blankets is sound insulation. If you cover the walls and windows with moving blankets, it will insulate a lot of noise from seeping in outside. Similarly, this sound insulation will also work and prevent outside noise from coming in.

Makes Move Easy – It is usually challenging to move the heavy beds and wardrobes around. Moving out of the home is itself a labor-intensive job. You might not be aware of this, but moving blankets can make it easy to move the furniture. If you place the furniture or any heavy object on the moving blanket, you can drag it along, and the blanket will also save your floor from scratches. After placing a heavy object on moving blankets, the task will become a one-person job.

Protect Car – Assuming that you are using your car & pickup truck to move the move, there are chances that the sharp edges of the furniture or any other good may damage the car’s paint. So, if you are using the moving blankets to wrap the edges properly, that offers greater safety while moving things around. Apart from this, the car’s upholstery also stays protected when you are placing things inside the car.

Protect Floor – The moving blankets are also great in protecting the floor. If you are dragging something, then there are chances that you will end up scratching the flooring. In such a case, taping down the moving blankets to the bottom of the item will help you ensure that you do not scratch the floor. This can save you from shelling out the security deposit as a penalty for the damage.

Protect Furniture – The main aim of purchasing moving blankets is to protect your furniture. Usually, it is very easy to scratch the wood and cause damage to the furniture. When you move your furniture, wrapping it up with moving blankets will ensure that it stays safe from stains, scratches, and any other kind of damage.

Protect Walls – Another amazing benefit of moving blankets is that they protect the walls. We understand that moving furniture can damage the walls and it can lead to a lot of repainting efforts. The good thing is that covering the furniture with moving blankets can help you save the walls from unpleasant scratches.

Rugs & Carpet – After the home move, you might involve yourself in some DIY activities and home improvement tasks. The worst thing to end up with is a stained carpet or a filthy floor. In such a case, it is advisable to use the moving blankets as a rug to protect the floor and the carpet. If you often spend time in the garage with your machines, you can also lay the moving blankets in the garage, which will certainly save your floor. The best is that the moving blankets are washable, so you would not have to throw them away frequently.

Storage – Many times, people store their stuff in storage units. There can be a lot of reasons why the belongings in the storage unit may get damaged. One of the easy ways to protect your belongings is to wrap them up in moving blankets before storing them in those storage units. The same applies to the stuff you plan to store in the garage or the storage room in your house.

Final Verdict

This was all about the uses and benefits of the moving blankets. We are sure that you will be able to use the moving blankets even after the home move. It is a no-brainer to avoid using moving blankets. They are cheap, and you can use them for many other things. The kind of value they offer is a lot more than the cost you will incur in purchasing the moving blankets. We recommend that you purchase moving blankets, and you will be able to use them for so many things apart from moving the home.

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