How to Choose the Best Moving Blanket – Factors To Consider

Moving blankets are of great use when you are shifting your house. If you do not already have moving blankets and are planning to buy them, we recommend you wait and go through this buying guide first. Going through the points listed below will help you choose the perfect moving blankets for your home move. The advantage of going through these points is that it will also help you buy the moving blankets as per your requirements since we do not believe in the general rule of one size fits all. 

Factors To Consider While Choosing Moving Blanket

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Let us now go through the factors that will impact your choice while buying the moving blankets. Below are more details about the same.

Which Size To Choose

One of the most important parts of the purchase should be the size of the moving blankets. There are many options available in terms of size, including 40 inches x 74 inches, 72 inches x 80 inches, 72 inches x 78 inches, 54 inches x 72 inches, 40 inches x 74 inches, and many more options. The largest size that you will find is 30 feet x 50 feet. There are innumerable size options available. So, the best thing to do would be to consider what needs to be moved and then buy the size accordingly. You can even look at the number of moving blankets available in a single pack.

Types To Consider

You must look at the different types of moving blankets available in the market and choose something that fits your need. Some of the options available while looking for the type are

  • Lightweight moving blankets – These moving blankets are lightweight, which means that they have less fabric density. They are the cheapest ones available in the market, and they are good if you are moving once and you are not moving far from your present location. Generally, the weight of these blankets is 54 to 64 pounds for every dozen. 
  • Medium weight moving blankets – If you are looking for something better than lightweight moving blankets, you can consider the medium weight options. You can use these blankets multiple times, and they also offer a lot of protection to your furniture. They have a greater thickness and thus offering better cushioning. Apart from this, the weight of these moving blankets is usually between 72 pounds to 82 pounds for every dozen.
  • Heavyweight Moving Blankets – These are the best option that you will find in the market. These blankets have the height amount of material used, and they also offer the maximum amount of protection. Usually, the weight of these blankets can be close to 95 pounds per dozen. DIY users and professionals often use it because of the extra protection that it offers.

Woven Blankets

You will also find woven and non-woven blankets in the market, and a general notion around the moving blankets is that the woven ones are better. The non-woven ones are good enough to be used as storage pads, but we would not recommend using the non-woven blankets for moving the home.

Stitching Pattern

Believe it or not but the stitch pattern also impacts the quality of the moving blankets. If you are looking for something durable, it is better to buy the moving blanket with the sharper chevron pattern. They are going to last a lot longer, and they also are very resistant to tears. Curved stitching patterns are prone to tearing, and you only buy moving blankets with a straight and sharp stitching pattern.

Material Used

You should also be careful about the material that has been used in the moving blankets. You will find a variety of options in terms of the material. The common one includes a combination of cotton and polyester. You will also come across products that are made entirely with polyester. Then some offerings are either made of synthetic material or use filler inside. The best ones are certainly the moving blankets that use a combination of polyester and cotton or the ones that have filler in them.


While making the purchase, we are sure that you would want to buy something durable. If that is the idea behind the purchase, you can go ahead and opt for something that has reinforced double stitching on the corner. The corners should also be square and not curved. Considering all these factors, it becomes important to look at the corner of the moving blankets if you are looking for something durable.

Protection Offered

You should also consider the kind of protection offered by the moving blankets you are buying. Looking at this will enable you to make an intelligent purchase decision. Usually, you will get an idea by looking at the product specifications and reviews of the moving blankets.


Another thing to consider while purchasing the moving blankets is the price of these blankets. These options are available in different price ranges, and it also depends on the type of moving blankets you are buying. Some of the brands may charge a premium, and many underlying factors are impacting the price. In such a case, you should go through the detailed product specifications and see what is fitting your budget.


Assuming that you will be using these moving blankets after you have completed the home move, we want you to buy something washable. In general, most of the moving blankets are washable, but it is still worth verifying the same. If you plan to use the moving blankets as a rug or as a pet bedding after the home move is complete, this factor can impact your buying.

Final Verdict

These are some of the factors that you should consider while purchasing moving blankets. All these factors will ensure that you are buying the best option according to your needs. Going through the points will also ensure that your moving blankets are suitable for the type of things that you are moving. If you still have any questions about buying moving blankets, please leave a comment, and we will respond shortly.

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