Coir mattress is in the market since a long due to its affordable price, great support to the back/neck and higher durability. These rubberized mattresses are available in different shape, size and thickness to let you meet the need with ease.

For a first-time buyer, it is necessary to look after the right size, firmness scale and thickness factor to get the proper height. To buy the best coir mattress, you can consider online sources due to impressive discounts and home delivery features. Before that, let’s learn about all the advantages and disadvantages to find the perfect mattress.

Advantages of Coir Mattress

Apart from the easier availability, coir mattress is packed with some great advantages to your help and pocket.

  • Provide support to the whole body which will help with the overall health of a person.
  • Enhance sleep by making you feel extra comfortable and cozy during the nights.
  • As compared to other types, these are highly durable and doesn’t lose shape for years.
  • Price is the best factor because you get coir mattress at the highly affordable price point.

Design is always the major factor and you can find a basic design which will fulfill the need for sure and you can say that these are trustworthy.

Disadvantages of Coir Mattress

As everyone has some advantage and disadvantage so the same goes with coir mattress. The major disadvantages are –

  • Sometimes you can find that coir mattresses are extra firm and they can cause back pain.
  • There is an increased number of pressures point which may not suit everyone for sure.
  • Weight seems like the major factor among most of the mattresses and it causes issues a lot.
  • Relaxation is the first need but it can get uncomfortable as it can make you feel heated.
  • There are spring models available enhancing the sleeping experience with extra comfort.

Consider a number of sources and reviews, we found these disadvantages but these can vary person to person.

Top 6 Best Coir Mattress

The below-mentioned list of mattresses are based on quality, comfort, durability, design and affordability factor so you can also consider it during the purchase.

#1 Extra Sleep Premium Coir Mattress

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Having an orthopedic mattress to sleep with medium firmness is the best thing. Extra Sleep Premium Coir Mattress comes with the thickness of 4 inches and breathable fabric which allow air to pass through and make the mattress comfortable.  

You won’t sweat if you are using this mattress and there is cotton used in the design which provides an extra layer of comfort. The price is affordable and there is a number of positive reviews about this mattress that’s why this becomes our top pick. Even, you can find many pros and fewer cons.

Pros –

  • Comes with five years of warranty to let you feel secured during the purchase.
  • Natural rubberized coir provides extra comfort and a medium level of firmness.
  • Orthopedic design improves back support and helps with the overall body posture.
  • Premium cotton fabric is used in the design of this mattress to keep it clean.
  • Perfectly fit on the bed and it doesn’t misplace due to sitting or any external pressure.

Cons –

  • Mixed reviews about the comfort level because it can get extra-firm for few people.

#2 Coirfit Queen Size Spring Mattress

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Among all the coir mattress, you can’t find the use of spring and this one is nailing due to such reasons. Coirfit is a reputed brand and you get a thickness of 6 inches making the comfort level higher. Even, you don’t have to buy beds with extra heights.  

From the firmness perspective, it is the best one as compared to all others. It comes in queen size and you can find a long-term warranty of 7 years to ensure the quality. Even, buyers feel secured due to long term warranty.

Pros –

  • Available in five different sizes with the same thickness and features.
  • It is designed for the queen size bed where the dimensions are 72x60x6.
  • Top material in this mattress is foam to lower the cost with the design.
  • Dust and mites free design with the cover to keep it protected.
  • You can’t find such quality in all other coir mattresses from the list.

Cons –

  • Comes at an expensive price point and it is not a coir mattress completely.

#3 Amazon Brand Coir Mattress

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Amazon Brand is getting common in the mattress manufacturing industry. It is known for great quality at a reasonable price point. This coir mattress is a premium class mattress with kind size design to fit perfectly on your bed. Even, there is a hexagon pattern to allow air passage through the mattress,

The dimensions of this product are 78x72x5 which is great and you can’t feel the hard surface of bed due to the extra comfort level. Sometimes, this much level of comfort is not good for health that’s why we haven’t picked it for our top choice.

Pros –

  • It’s a firm mattress which supports your body and divides the weight on each hexagon.
  • HR foam is used in the manufacturing which is known for orthopedic support to the back.
  • The manufacturer claims five years of warranty on damage or if mattress loss its shape.
  • It is properly quilted using premium 180 GSM fabric to give you a soft and comfortable feel.

Cons –

  • Couple of reviews about the delivery related issues on Amazon.

#4 Century Mattresses Lotus Coir Mattress

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Century Mattresses has been in the mattress industry for a long time and they are known for some great deals. People still have decade-old Century Mattresses in their home and they work fine till the date so the brand credibility made us try their coir mattress.

Century Mattresses Lotus 4-inch coir mattress is an affordable deal with a bunch of pros. Rubberized Coir is used in manufacturing and it offers modern style pattern to use it directly. It is available in-kind size and ready to use after the delivery of this mattress.

Pros –

  • Available in several sizes including all the standard ones, king and queen.
  • A single unit will be delivered to you and you can directly place it on your bed.
  • The thickness of this mattress is 4 inches which offer enough comfort.

Cons –

  • Two years of warranty is low if you compare with other brands.
  • Chances of ruining the mattress shape are high because it changes shape easily.

#5 COIR FIT Ortho Luxury Coir Mattress

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Apart from a great design, Coir fit is offering premium built quality within a reasonable price point. This mattress has in-built spring which provides better comfort during sleep and your weight divides equally which provide a good sleeping experience.

Having a warranty for a long time period will get you a better experience because you feel secured during the purchase. The use of cotton in manufacturing the cover provides a dust and mites free product to have in your home for a long time period that’s why it is a better product to prefer.

Pros –

  • Manufacturer offer 6 years warranty on damage and defects during the transit.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and the price vary by a little on large sizes also.
  • It is a multi-layered mattress with pocket springs to keep the shape maintained.
  • COIR FIT’s Quilted cover enhances the durability which makes you get long term use.  

Cons –

  • It’s not an orthopaedic design so the extra comfort of firmness can cause pain in the back.

#6 COZY COIR SatyamCoir Mattress

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The last mattress in this list is COZY COIR SatyamCoir and this one nailed the list on behalf of lower cost. This mattress is available in plenty of sizes, you just name the size and they will get you the perfect fit.  

In order to get the best out of it, you can check the right size and order it. The thickness of this mattress is 4 inches, not bad but some people complain about the comfort level. If you have a tight budget then this one will fit perfectly in your budget due to the cheaper price point.  

Pros –

  • Simple in design, comes in red colour with some modern patterns on it.
  • Available in different sizes, you can get almost every size from the manufacturer.
  • Lightweight design with patterns to have a better grip for better portability.
  • Made up of Natural Eco-Friendly so you won’t find the use of the harsh chemical in manufacturing.  

Cons –

  • Two years of the warranty may feel low but it is genuine for the price.

After considering all the mattresses, it is sure that you have a huge variety to check out. Coil mattresses are great for durability and if you want to save money then you can hop on it without any doubt in mind. Make sure that you check out the dimensions of bed before ordering this mattress otherwise you can end up getting the wrong mattress. Hope, this review post will let you find the perfect coir mattress for your specific need.


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