Best 6 Inch Mattress King Size Of 2020- Top 5 Premium Brands

Now imagine this, you have a huge bedroom with ample space to keep your king size bed where you can relax after a hectic schedule with two incredible sofas and a small round table for coffee. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, what you have imagined can be true but if you are restricting yourself thinking that you might not get enough space to keep your bed or budget is the restriction then certainly this is the right place you have landed up. 

King and queen size bed are the talk of the town because of their own unique features. But compromising with the quality so that you could spend less does not make any sense. Before you think of even spending on such type of furniture, it is important to first be clear with the comfort level and the features related to it. This is important so that you will be able to pay for what you are actually looking for and that is, of course, the peaceful sleep. Always remember when it comes to buying a king-size bed what should matter you the most is your comfort and the shape of the bed in which you will be sleeping most of the time.

Top Selling 6 Inch King Size Mattress Of 2019

Another reason why it is so much in demand is that it offers a better size of the bed. The better is the width, the sound will be your sleep. To move from queen to king-size bed is always better since you get extra 16inches of the width whereon you can comfortably turn and even toss the entire night. The best part of having a king-size bed is that it gives you better comfort to stretch out throughout the night.

Of course, you won’t be disturbing your partner even when you are moving on the bed so often. It is your king size bed which makes it easier for you to ease down the pressure points since it is possible for you to sleep in the area which is bigger as compared to the one where you will be sleeping on the mattress edge in the small size bed. Let us check out our list of top 6-inch Mattress King Size 

#1. Best Mattress Price 6 Inch Mattress King Size

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The reason why this mattress has become the talk of the town is because of the memory foam it has got. The foam offers better sleeping surface. Besides, even in the normal temperature, it stays firm but as your body lays on it, there is a reaction to the body temperature and then it starts to mould to the shape again. The weight then gets evenly distributed along the surface because of which the pressure points also get eased down. This deep dual layer mattress has memory foam with 2″ Super soft foam + 3″ Supportive Layer and is made from Jacquard fabric cover


  • It offers great comfort to the body
  • You get a feeling as if you are on a cloud floating
  • There are no deep pressure points
  • It is the US certified
  • It gives long-lasting results.


  • It is quite expensive over other types
  • The firmness is not as you might be expected
  • You may sink to the frame as you even sit on the edge

#2. Linenspa 6 Inch Innerspring Mattress King Size

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This is another leading and inspiring mattress that you may think of buying. Once you buy it you will realize the difference. With traditional touch and advanced technology, this mattress is a perfect blend of spa that you can ever get. Made from a quilted fabric cover and having inner foam, there is no doubt that this mattress offers better resilience and comfort that you may not find anywhere else. There is also a heavy gauge steel coil that offers better support. Since the comfort and safety of the family is uttermost important, you can rest assured that you get this mattress with a fire-resistant barrier which is the good test and to make sure that you meet the safety standards too.


  • It comes with heavy gauge steel coil that offers better firmness
  • There is exceptional durability and support that you may not get elsewhere
  • Thanks to its fire-resistant barrier technology, it even meets the flammability standards
  • It is designed to meet 10 years of warranty
  • It is shipped rolled and is designed being compressed for lasting usability


  • The price is quite expensive
  • The chances of finding bedbugs inside are high
  • The mattress is not that firm as you may expect it to be

#3. Modway Emma 6 Inch Mattress King Size

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Known to be the most affordable one, this boxed shape bed solution is a perfect answer to all your problems. This bed comes has a memory foam that measures 0.75 inch top layer with a dense layer of the responsive foam. It also comes with a quilted fabric cover and has padding which is finely stitched for the better comfort of the body. It is a perfect one to be kept in a master or guest bedroom. This foam king size mattress can easily be stored as it is designed with a compressed solution and is vacuum packed too.

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  • It is one of the affordable ones which is easy to carry and place too
  • You can carry this mattress with you in family vacations to
  • For the side sleepers, this can be a good choice as there is a foam matter designed for each sleeping position
  • Thanks to the blend of exceptional value, you get lasting sleep
  • There is 10 years of warranty you get with this product


  • The mattress may not fulfil your expectations
  • It is less fuller as you will be told
  • It may not be that comfortable too

#4. Modway Aveline Gel Infused  6 Inch Mattress King Size

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It is one of the cost-friendly mattresses that you can think of buying. This quality memory foam offers lasting support and better comfort too. Surely it is worth the value that you money. The best part is his mattress ease down your pressure that you generally put on the head or spine. Since it the US certified you can rest assured about the heavy metals used.


  • It is extremely light in weight
  • It is durable and offers better stability
  • This bed promotes lasting sleep with no issues
  • It is known for lasting warranty


  • It may have small fibres you might be allergic to
  • It is a little expensive over others
  • The product if used beyond warranty can have pricey parts

#5. Zinus Memory Foam 6 Inch Green Tea Mattress King Size

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If you are looking for better comfort and support then probably you should have these options. It is the best solution that you can choose if you want to have a peaceful sleep for quite a long time. Besides, there is a memory foam layer that offers better natural shape of body comfort. Thanks to its high-density base support foam, you get to sleep for a quite long time while being stable. Sound interesting isn’t it. So visit the store today and explore the best of it.


  • This green team memory foam offers lasting comfort without any pressure
  • The mattress layers come with 1-inch memory foam and 5-inch high-density base support foam
  • It has been US certified
  • Thanks to its patented technology the mattress is quite efficient and well compressed


  • It is better to enjoy its effect provided you don’t unzip the mattress
  • The fibreglass particles in the air are present in this foam too
  • It is not so great in quality

Buying Guide To Choose Best 6 Inch Mattress King Size

At the first time, you may find it quite challenging to find the right type of king size mattress. Of course, for better sleep, you cannot compromise with certain factors. And for this, there are certain buying guides that can be of great help to you. Whether it is about the foam, size or the price, all things need to be carefully understood. The best part is the more you research, the better are chances for you to jump on the conclusion. Follow the given below tips that may help.

  • Understanding the sleep system first: It is important to know what way you basically sleep. Some tend to spread their legs and sleep while for some to sleep on the stomach side is comfortable. Some sleep taking only one tiny corner while for some even the entire bed will be less. If you are one of those who tend to occupy much space, the, of course, you need to choose the size which is quite big amongst the entire king-size beds.
  • Cheap is not the answer: Of course, if you want to save money, there are cheap mattresses that are available. But again, you will be compromising with the quality. Such mattress will last not more than 2 years and then again you will have to buy another one. That is why it is always better to choose the one that can last for least 5 years or more without any reason for you to even complain.
  • Weight and size matter: If you have tall people in the house, then it is important to choose the mattress with good width and height. You need to, however, also don’t just get tempted with those hotel pattern mattress. They are only meant to give you comfort for a day or not. The mattress for routine sleep needs to be firm and a little sturdy too and that is why choose the one which is light and can give you a sound sleep too.

Look for the quality of the foam used in the mattress. Generally, visco-elastic foam is designed to reduce the pressure points and thus ensure the weight of the body is evenly spread. These can be easily recognized in the market. Besides, the problem of dust mite will not persist and is best designed for people having asthma or joint issues.

There are many other advantages to have a king-size bed as well. Such as:

  • You get a better room for people or say animals on the same bed. This means if you have 2 rooms with king-size bed, chances to gang up more people in the same bed comfortably as possible.
  • As compared to queen size bed, the price you pay for this huge bed is worth the value, gives you lasting results and are quite portable and light in weight to carry to other location without any problem.
  • For the men with tall legs in your house know will not cry of having an improper sleep since this bed offers better sleeping length. 
  • For those who have serious health issues such as the frozen shoulder syndrome, tennis elbow problem, joint injuries or arthritis are highly recommended to have such bed as the patient can change potion and even wake up often without any complain.
  • For those who have a large family which ideally means a dog will need this bed as your four-legged baby will always prefer sleeping on the same bed like yours.
  • Well of all other things, if comfort is the most important thing then probably you should stick to king-size bed but again, the best part is such type of bed can even match your home décor. All you need to do is choose the right style, platform and blend it well with the colours of your room for a perfect match.

Final Verdict:

Ample choices will, of course, confuse you. That is why, it is important to choose the mattress that you visit the store personally, check and then understand if it is totally worth for you or not. Research well, compare and then draw a conclusion which one to buy. Besides the above-mentioned products and buying guide can ease down your search even better way. So what are you waiting for? Start with your search today.


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