Are Pocket Spring Mattress Good? Foam VS Pocket Spring Mattress?

Do you plan on purchasing a spring mattress? Which type are you planning to purchase? Pocket spring mattress of open coil mattress? Are they different? if you think they are the same then, you are mistaken. Open spring mattress and pocket spring mattress is totally different. While both employ spring in the mattress, the design, and benefits offered are different. In this article, we will discuss the pocket spring mattress and if it is good. A best pocket spring mattress comes with pocket springs that are individually packed and stitched into the mattress. The spring system is set under a comfort layer of foam or any other similar material. So, you might ask what the difference between an open spring and a pocket spring mattress is. The answer is simple, while in an open spring mattress all the springs are interconnected and they move together, in a pocket spring mattress each spring is set individually and they are not interconnected and do not move together. 

What Is Pocket Spring Mattress

This individuality of each spring in a pocket spring mattress allows it to offer comparatively more added contour and pressure point relief to the user. Unlike the open coil mattresses, a pocket spring mattress comes with a comparatively more number of springs in it, as the number of springs is more and they move individually, the more comfort it offers than an open spring traditional mattress. So, to answer the common question, pocket spring mattress, are they any good? Yes, if compared to the open spring traditional mattress, a pocket spring mattress offers more comfort to the user. Most commonly, a pocket spring mattress comes with a thick layer of memory foam or latex foam above the springs, which makes it even more comfortable than traditional spring mattresses. In simple words, a pocket spring mattress is a combination of both a spring mattress and a foam mattress.

Health Benefits Of Using Pocket Spring Mattress

Health Benefits Of Using Pocket Spring Mattres

While all the mattresses offer some sort of benefits to the user, the benefits of using a pocket spring mattress are commonly unknown to most customers. Here are the key benefits of using a pocket spring mattress. 

Zero Movement Transfer 

Most people might assume this factor to be irrelevant while purchasing a mattress. Never do that, this factor is very important. In a pocket spring mattress, the user’s body weight is not spread equally across the surface, because the springs are not interconnected. Since it employs an individual spring system, a pocket spring mattress could mimic the shape of the user’s body, in other words, it offers almost the same features as that of a memory foam mattress.


With proper care and the right maintenance, a pocket spring mattress could last comparatively longer than other mattresses. This is true, as they employ both spring and foam in their mattress, the durability is almost twice that of other mattresses.

Suitable for all shapes and sizes 

No matter if it is one user or two users, since the mattress employs individual springs, the mattress could offer the same level of comfort to all the users. If you and your spouse have a notable size difference, then pocket spring would allow both of you to experience the comfort your size demands. 

Total Pressure and Pain Relief 

The pressure or comfort of sleeping on a mattress is very important when it comes to pain relief. If the mattress is too hard or too soft, it could make the user uncomfortable and could increase body pain. Which, in turn, could make your day worse. With the benefits of pocket spring mattress highlighted above, most customers might be confused on which type of mattress is better, pocket spring mattress or foam mattress. Do check innerspring mattress also for more option.

Which Is Better Pocket Spring Or Foam Mattress?

Yes, foam mattress and pocket spring mattress are different and they offer different benefits and also few similar benefits. However, if you are planning to purchase the best among them, it would be better if we discuss the key difference between the two. Remember, the comparison is between a memory foam mattress and a spring mattress as most people compare memory foam and pocket spring mattress as there are some similarities between the two.

Design and Component 

The design and components used in both mattress are different. Here is how they are different.

Pocket spring mattress – This type of mattress could come with almost 500 to 2000 individual springs incorporated into it. Unlike traditional open coil mattress, all the springs in a pocket spring mattress are not connected. Each spring moves individually from each other to mimic the user’s shape and regain the shape once the user gets off the mattress.

Memory foam mattress – A memory foam mattress is commonly made of polyurethane which is 100% chemical and man-made. This type of mattress was designed for the astronauts by NASA and then later commercialized for public use.

Load Management 

Load management here refers to how the mattress distributes the user’s weight on the surface. Open coil mattress and regular foam mattress spread the weight or load evenly on its surface. But, when it comes to memory foam and pocket spring mattress, it is different.

Pocket spring mattress – This type of mattress is an advanced version of the traditional open spring mattress. The springs in a pocket spring mattress form a cohesive unit that supports the user’s body differently. In a pocket spring mattress, there is a separation of motion, which keeps the pressure within each spring so that the whole mattress does not sink while shifting from one corner to another. In simple words, only the individual springs on which you lie compresses, this offers better load management.

Memory foam mattress – A memory foam mattress as the name itself suggests accommodates the user’s weight and remembers the shape of their body. This key feature makes the mattress perfectly hug the user’s body, which, in turn, offers better support and pain relief.


Breathability and type of material is the main factor that decides the temperature of the mattress. Both pocket spring and memory foam mattresses have different level of breathability and temperature. 

Pocket spring mattress – A pocket spring mattress is comparatively more breathable and therefore, they tend to be less hot. The multiple layers of springs and stuffing between them make it extremely breathable as they allow the natural flow of air through it. This proper ventilation ensures the user’s body temperature is properly maintained.

Memory foam mattress – A memory foam mattress is made of high-density polyurethane that is not breathable by nature, which commonly makes it this type of mattress hot. While the mattress hugs the user’s body, it fails to circulate the air and cool the user’s body.

Lifespan or Durability 

In the case of durability, both pocket spring mattress and memory foam mattress have different durability and lifespan.

Pocket spring mattress – The lifespan and durability of the pocket spring mattress would depend on how you use the mattress and how you maintain it. If you use it properly and maintain it properly, it could offer a maximum lifespan of up to 14-years.

Memory foam mattress – When it comes to a memory foam mattress, they tend to last longer than pocket spring mattresses. Yes, it is true, most of the users have reviewed that memory foam mattress could last for up to 15 to 16-years without any maintenance.  Now, to decide the best among these two mattresses is all up to you. As you have seen, both mattresses have their advantages and disadvantages. Based on the user/customer’s priorities, the best could vary.

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